Why Gift Certificates Are The Best Gift!

I can admit, as an Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist, throughout the year when I am writing these blogs I watch the Hallmark Channel. I do love some of their holiday movies, and I always like to watch what costume the stylist has picked for each character. There is so much thought that goes into what actors wear in movies and on series because it either reflects their personality or sends a very strong message. It’s fascinating to me.

Anyway, one of these holiday movies centered around a personal shopper who of course met a very busy, successful man who was living in London and too busy to shop for his girlfriend. He kept running into this stylist and finally thought,” I will ask her to shop for my girlfriend.” The stylist had noticed he was going to buy a gift card and told him – that is for someone who’s given up and had little taste. It’s a generic and thoughtless gift.

Gift Certificates from Your Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist

Of course, I have to disagree since I have been selling gift certificates since I first started my business 10 years ago as a makeup artist. As an Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist, I have found when the person giving the gift mentions the possibility of the gift to a loved one and gets the green light – that is when a gift certificate to Beth Divine Style is most loved!

However, when someone receives a style gift certificate without any warning, that is not always well received! I have found the most success with color analysis since it is simple to do, and simple for gift recipients to understand and use since they receive a book of color swatches and extra services such as skincare discussion, makeup ideas, or incorporating color into their wardrobe.

As an Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist, I know that many people say they had a color analysis done years ago when it was really popular. But their coloring has changed, faded and their hair is not lighter or even darker. That is why a color analysis is so valuable at any age. The color book you received 25 years ago may not be your very best colors now. They may be too light, bright, or dark.

Color analysis is also an excellent gift for men. If you think about it, we all have different colors and look better in some colors than others. Men are included! Some of my very best appointments, as an Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist,  have been with men. For instance, one of my clients had absolutely little knowledge about what colors look best with others and certainly didn’t know his better neutrals and wow colors. Now that he does, he still hires me to create an online closet for him. As we shop, I snap photos of all that we’ve bought, and then I come home download them onto my online closet and make several “looks” for him, using the new clothes we’ve bought and existing clothes from his closet.

He recently had a blind date and contacted me to put together some “perfect” outfits for him. Want to know what one of them was? It consisted of a black turtleneck, a Hugo Boss dress coat, grey jeans and brown/black Baroque boots, and a bright purple scarf to top it off. It was different, unusual, and gave him the perfect look for a date. Other outfits were more casual with a plaid shacket, cashmere hoodie, grey jeans, etc.

If you’re ready to buy a holiday gift certificate please reach out to me via text: 317-416-2782!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC
Personal Image Consultant and Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist


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