What to Buy this Month…

In Indiana, winter is just gearing up. We’re going probably about a third of the way into winter. We still have cold January and February, and even in March, we might have some snow and chilly days.

What does your wardrobe need? What do you need to face the cold, sometimes dreary winter days? Your Indianapolis Image Consultant and Personal Stylist have some terrific ideas! Here are some tips to guide you as you look for some wardrobe additions…

Your Personal Stylist’s Favorite Winter Purchases

Personal StylistOh, wait: before you think about adding to your wardrobe, consider this: January and February are the perfect months to evaluate and clean out your closet. This is one of my most important services. I will meet you, determine your Wow colors and best silhouettes, and clean out your closet based on this knowledge. Wouldn’t it be great to look in your closet and smile with relief? You love your clothes and know what looks good and works for you.

What to Consider for your Winter Wardrobe Needs: In the coming weeks, high-quality winter staples will start to be on sale such as.

  • Wool and cashmere coats (look for a high percentage of wool or cashmere in your coats). Pick classic styles you can wear many seasons.
  • Wool, leather, down and cashmere hats, gloves and scarfs. It’s okay to buy some fun bright colors, classic plaid or rich leathers.
  • Sweaters that are high quality and in your best hues. Soft, warm sweaters to layer or wear under your blazers or denim jackets. Don’t be afraid to buy fun prints you can wear now and later.
  • Suede and leather boots (winter and fashion boots).You always need a black suede bootie and a leather flat boot. They wear out from season to season. Buy the highest quality you can afford. I have also seen many tall boots this season, so I wouldn’t hesitate to buy these as well. I also like navy, burgundy and even hunter green boots.
  • Velvet pieces: You can wear velvet throughout the year – not just through February. If you like this yummy fabric, consider a blazer, a top or a dress. More basic colors can be worn more instead of just a traditional Christmas red.
  • Corduroy that was big this fall can still be worn in the winter and spring. I especially like the trucker jacket and skirts seen earlier this fall. Pair them with more winter pieces such as sweaters and blazers. In the spring wear them with brighter, fun colors during this time.
  • Basics, such as tights, socks, nightwear, etc., can often be on sale in January.Stock up! This is a good time to buy some basics you know you wear each season.

The No. rule I, your Personal Stylist, have for shopping seasonal sales is only buying items you need! Consider having a list and budget and sticking to it. Then, you won’t be sorry!!

Online deals are, of course, another option. I caution you to avoid buying trendy, very inexpensive items online. However, if you know your size and like certain trusted brands — especially in winter boots and shoes–buy away!  It’s a good time to get expensive basics at this time of yours.

Keep is sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine

Personal Stylist