Look Amazing While You Sweat: Choosing Stylish Workout Clothes

This week, your Indianapolis Image Consultant and personal stylist, has a special treat: A guest blog from my running coach, Jen Knife. What I admire about Jen is that she always looks stylish, even when she’s running. She makes her running outfits fun and interesting, whether it’s a colorful hat, fun tights or a bright color top. Yet, she always looks put together.

Your  Indianapolis Image Consultant’s Favorite Looks

Jen Knife is an RRCA certified running coach as well as an RYT 200 yoga teacher. Jen coaches runners of all levels (locally and virtually), from running their first 5K to training for an ultra-marathon. She’s been teaching yoga in the Indianapolis area for 11 years; in-studio classes, private lessons, and corporate classes/events. Her website is jenknife.com. Her Instagram is jenknifeyoga.

 Indianapolis Image Consultant Might I add Jen always knocks her personal style out of the park – even when she’s exercising!

Dressing Your Shape…
What running clothes are good for shapes such as curvy, rectangle and bigger in the middle?

Jen says she’s a size 8 and I’d consider herself rectangular; her thighs are larger as well. Jen is a big fan of Lululemon for both cold and warm weather running gear. Their Run Times Short II has a wide leg, a wide waistband, and a 4” seam. And for cold weather she loves their Cold Pacer High Rise tights; they are fleece lined and have a higher waist than most tights. Another reason Lululemon is her go-to is she loves that they offer multiple size options versus just XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Whatever clothing line you choose, Jen says, just make sure the clothes fit you well and you love them so you’ll wear them often! There’s nothing worse than buying ill-fitting clothes that never get worn! Jen – you read my mind. Most image consultants I know say the fit is the No. 1 most important thing in buying clothing for men and women.

What is the life of running clothes? When do they wear out?

 Indianapolis Image Consultant Jen says the life of most running clothes is going to depend on several factors. Quality certainly comes in to play, but it will also depend on how often you wear them, and how well they fit. If clothes are ill-fitting they aren’t going to last as long; if they are too tight there will be extra wear at the seams and if they are too loose they can bunch and rub and wear down. “I have a pair of Lululemon running shorts that I’ve worn at least 2-3 times a week between Spring and Summer,” says Jen, “and they’ve lasted 7 years so far!” She also has a couple of tank tops from Champion that she’s worn season over season. Find something that fits well and that you love to wear regardless of brand or price, Jen recommends.

You can always find bargains in running clothes! Whether it’s clothes that have a higher price point that you find on sale or even brands that already have a lower price to start, you can certainly find some deals. Always be mindful that sometimes you get what you pay for, but if you see a cute running tank top that fits and you love for $5.99, pick it up!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA
AICI Certified Indianapolis Image Consultant and Personal Stylist