Undergarments That Make You Look Fabulous

Undergarments that Help You Look Fabulous!

Ladies – it’s time to give shapewear a second look! Shapewear is nothing like the constricting girdle of yesterday. Thank goodness, right? However, even though we’ve come a long way with improved and even “comfortable” shapewear, we still need some education on how to choose it.

Advice From Your Favorite Certified Image Consultant

I, your Certified Image Consultant, am going to talk about shapewear in general and what I have found to be useful in my own lingerie wardrobe as well as what I often recommend for my personal clients. One main tip is that when you try on clothing such as dresses or even ballgowns, you need to wear your shapewear since it will affect how the garment hangs on your body.

One of your most important pieces of undergarments, ladies is the bra. You should be fitted every 1-2 years because our size changes. I am trained to fit bras, and hands down, I almost always find that women wear too big a band size. Also, they often don’t change bra sizes when they gain weight. That is a mistake – you should never spill out of your bra.

Certified Image Consultant This is a good time to buy and get fitted for a bra since it’s winter, and stores are having many sales. I like Nordstrom and Von Maur for bra fittings. It’s free, and the advice you get is invaluable.

Now back to other important thoughts…Shapewear is made of Elastane, known for being stretchy, breathable and adjustable. One option is a piece by Olikeme. I admit I have not worn this type of shapewear, but it does get the job done basically because of the amount of area it covers: bust to mid-thigh. It also has snaps to allow you to go to the restroom. This is essential. This piece does require that you wear a bra but does have the advantage of strength that helps you stand a little straighter.

More information for you is here: Best Shape Wear

Another option is yesteryear’s bodysuit, Sessy. Again, the advantage of this shaper is that it slims top to bottom and thus slims the midsection up to the bust and even the upper body under the arms. It has snaps across the bottom so you can go to the restroom easily.

I, your Certified Image Consultant am more of a fan of the mid-thigh shaper. One good one is the Spanx since it’s not too strong but does the trip of minimizing my tummy. One thing to consider is the length of your skirt. If it’s shorter or above the knee, you have to make sure your shapewear is not too long. Nothing is worse than a woman so looks great, except for her shapewear showing under her skirt, right? So here’s more information:Bare Necessities Spanx.

I suggest you try on any shapewear you think you want. It needs to fit you properly – not loose, for sure, but it should not be so tight you cannot breathe. Also, study the size charts. Know your weight and height, and you will pick the right brand for you. Most of the time, the nude color will be most versatile, but if you wear black several times a week, selects the black!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA
AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist