What is your Web Strategy?

With clothes shopping, the Internet has changed the equation in many ways. For one, it’s now possible if your store is out of your size and color, you or the store can go online and often find the item and have it shipped to you. Or, if it’s a name brand, just research it online and order it from another vendor. I have done that at times with much success.

If you are price shopping, the Internet is a great tool to see if the store you are looking at is offering a good price. This is particularly true when buying brand name shoes. I like to comparison-shop this way. I recently was looking at Converse shoes. I looked on that company’s website, which had a 25 percent off sale. Then I looked at Nordstrom that said … we would match our competitor. I chatted online with a customer service representative, told her about the Converse sale, and Nordstrom did match that price. Impressive!

Another feature the Internet offers shoppers is a review of products. Just last week, I wrote my first review for Nordstrom, describing my thoughts about a leather coat I purchased. When I submitted the review, I was automatically entered into a contest to win $500!

Overall, I have found customer reviews to be very accurate, especially in terms of the product’s quality, problems and fit of clothing. For instance, I was looking online at some red shoes with a bow on them. Reading a review that the bow fell off did not stop me from buying them. Ironically enough, however, the bow fell off my shoes as well. I took them back to Nordstrom and they fixed them free of charge.

I really look at the rating of products in the reviews since most of the time they are right on target. It’s nice to have another opinion of something I am buying. I have some consumer views to consider, and if I don’t want to be pressured by sales associates I don’t have to go to the store. What makes the deal even sweeter is that many online sites now offer free shipping.

PS—Remember to “like” your favorite store on Facebook so you are the first to know about special sales and promotions. Many department stores will also send you coupons when you come in as well via texting.

Happy Shopping