What investment for the fall?

I was reading one of Glamour’s fashion blogs the other day, and I read something I thought was great: So I am borrowing the idea. A reader had asked, what is one investment I should consider making for my fall wardrobe? The author said, “a leather jacket.”

I wholeheartedly agree. The dilemma is finding the right one. I have owned some leather jackets. They were either too baggy, too heavy or too wintery. Or it was a strange color that looked artificial… I finally found a lightweight leather jacket that fits like a second skin at Nordstorm’s fall sale. It was also $125 off.

It is a moto-style jacket style in black. I will wear it with dresses, jeans or or other black pieces. It fit right at the hip and shows my waist which I love. I will also wear it with some fall statement T-shirts.

If you want a Vegan jacket, there are plenty of options out there, as are nice looking colors in brown, burgundy and even dark green.

Now, what about boots. That, my gems, I will think about that tomorrow.