Baby’s Got Blue Eyes!

Saphire and Cobalt blue seem to be all the rage this summer season, as is navy. What I love about these colors is that they flatter virtually everyone. I love the bright cheery tones!

I also like to add blue or even touches of teal to my makeup, especially my eye makeup. Most ladies are aghast when I suggest adding these colors. They are thinking I am taking them back to the blue/teal full eye shadow days of the 80s. Take heart: I will give you some tips on how to add blue tastefully and flatter your eyes.

If you have blue eyes, you probably know: Grey-blue, Navy, Saphire and Teal liner or even shadow in your eye crease can make your eyes pop. Case in point, Actress January Jones looks beautiful in the photo above with some blue/navy touches with her black liner. (Actually they can look great on all eye colors.) The The key is to use touches of it with another color such as brown, taupe or black liner. I like to use brown liner, add some teal to the edges of my eyes to add another dimension. Another thing to remember is if you are using lots of cool colors, always warm it up with a taupe or brown. This will make it look more current.

Some of my favorite liners with color are by Stilla and Rimmel. I add a very, very thin line to my eye liner and smudge it, since my eyes are not that large; if your eyes are large, the thin liner can be flattering to you. Try to avoid the “I just traced a pencil across my eyelid” look. Smudge it or thin it out with a Q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover.

These colors really pop when you coordinate your makeup with some cool colors in your clothing: green, blue, navy, etc.

Have fun. You don’t have to be afraid of blue or teal. Either can be your makeup friend.