Putting Together Great Work Outfits

Dressing for work has never been more of an issue.

Image Consultant Work Tips

As an Image Consultant, I also have done presentations for companies who want to emphasize a dress code to employees or teach them how to put together work-appropriate, attractive outfits. What we wear to work has changed. What is your dress code like? This is especially true – also many people work at home but have video meetings. They need to look good.Since this is a group of business women or those interested in business, I’d like to focus on what I often encounter as a personal stylist people hire to help them dress – most often for work.

Image Consultant Outfit Suggestions

We have 10 seconds to make a good impression. After that, if we make a negative first impression, it takes 10 times making a good impression to change that very first impression. Today I am going to touch on three aspects of cultivating your image in the way you dress.

The number one request I get from clients who work is how do I put together outfits from my closet. It is a big issue, even for me sometimes.


  • People tend to buy clothing in pieces and not entire outfits.
  • They tend to want to buy everything on sale.
  • They don’t know what colors and shapes flatter them
  • They don’t know their best colors.
  • They don’t know always know how to follow the dress code.

Summer Work Outfits

Give dress code examples and how the clothing we wear to work has changed:

Image Consultant Guide How to Build the Perfect Outfit

  1. et a color analysis- Know your best colors and print scale. (black or navy; muted or bright?)For example, Kate and her conference presentation, She stood out in a simple red sheath versus men and women there all wearing black. The dress was a conservative cut, however.
  2. When you buy clothes; be intentional- Try not to buy pieces unless it’s an easy neutral that will go with at least three things. For example, when you buy a pair of pants, buy a top and a jacket to go with it. Ask for help in the store. Look at the mannequin.
  3. You don’t have to match everything– Women have the option of buying dresses or jumpsuits and then you’re done. Have enough neutrals in your closets to mix and match as you being to understand and get better at putting outfits together. Know your best neutrals: black, navy, cream, olive, burgundy, teal, cream, beige, camel
  4. Fit is just as important or quality of the outfit- With plus, tall and petites there are more challenges. Many stores are offering these additional sizes online. Once you know what size works, you can order online with ease. Looser clothing always makes you look bigger; tight clothing sends a message, too.  
  5. Add accessories and textures- Know your scale…based on your bone structure, height and weight.
  6. Know how to dress your shape- Most body shapes are rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, round. The goal for everyone should be balancing your top and bottom, hourglass is the ideal.
  • Tips for each:
    • Round:open neck and shorter hemlines to show off your legs
    • Hourglass: fitted clothes that show waist and not too revealing
    • Rectangle:Add some curves with clothing and details such as stripes; show off slim shape with fitted clothes if slim or waist with belts
    • Triangle:balance a smaller top with details such as ruffles, stripes, wear dark, simple lines on the bottom
    • Inverted triangle: Wear simple lines on the top and widen the bottom with flared skirts or full pants

7. Have Fun- Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors…A good mag to follow is In Style. I like the outfits they put together.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine Style,

AICI Certified Image Consultant