Makeup for the seasons

When you shop for makeup, department stores like to sell you new colors for the season. I have to agree with them: you should change up your makeup for different times of the year.

Through the summer, you probably wore less makeup, relied on tinted moisturizer, bronzer and tinted lip balm. You were wearing your sunscreen regularly (right)!

In the winter, you still need some sunscreen. I like to still use a light moisturizer under my foundation. A good product for me is Clarin’s Beauty Balm. It is a primer but has moisturizing properties in it. I put it on my face in the morning.

As for fall colors, I am really loving YSL’s fall eye shadows. I bought an olive green shadow combination that actually looks great on blue eyes. For day, I use the light colors, and for evening, add the darker hues in the crease and corners of my eyes. I also like olive and light brown eye liner.

Fashion magazines are tell us that burgundy is a big color this year: in clothing and makeup. Fortunately, burgundy is a color for everyone. I love it, too, in makeup. Eye makeup is pretty in this hue as is lip color. If you wear burgundy lipstick, keep the eye color lighter such as a mauve or even deep pink or taupe.

For another look, you can’t beat red lipstick/gloss. The best way to keep it on is to either use a red lip liner and a light gloss on the top. Or try Makeup Forever’s clear lip liner (available at Sephora).

Happy Autumn…my favorite time of the year!