Wear Shorts This Summer!

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas,

As the temps soar in our corner of the world, I am outside, enjoying outdoor events, gardening our backyard, traveling. I am sure you are, too! Enjoy. As you participate in these activities, don’t be afraid to wear shorts. Now I saw that as someone who banned shorts for a few years, especially out in public. I am over a certain age where certain experts have said — we shouldn’t wear shorts. Or, at the very least,  only wear very long shorts. I have worn the long shorts, to the knee, to the office when I used to work all summer. I had a sweet little white/black cotton jackets, black dress shorts and open toe black patent pumps. I am not really sure it was the best outfit to wear, looking back. But, I didn’t have any expert (such as me!!) giving me guidance at that time, so I knew I could get away with it. I still believe many employees have that attitude because I had it. I will wear what I can get away with, not what is the most professional. Don’t go there — try to think what can I wear today that most communicates my attitude as an employee? Sorry, I digressed!

Shorts Tip from your Indianapolis Personal Sytlist

Anyway, so for starters, find the right length short that flatters you. For instance, I am not a heavy person, although I am definitely a bigger on the bottom figure, and I have a short waist and rather short legs at 5’4″ and about 130 pounds. So I am on the slim side, but certainly not rail thin or tall and thin. I know my shape well enough to know that Bermuda shorts–worn to the knee–are not my best look. They make me and my legs look really short. The best pair of shorts for me has a leg that is about 5 to 7 inches long. Wearing a dark color such as navy or denim is definitely more slimming; although, I do love a pair of bright Lilly Pulitizer prints. I love them so much, and their quality is amazing. The more you wash your cotton shorts, the better they feel.

Second, look at the width of the leg of the shorts. I have found that if you have heavy thighs, it looks better with wider leg shorts and even waist detail such as paper bag belt top. This adds a little more space on your lower half. However, if you are really hippy, a slim pair of shorts with a slim top, even all in one color, will be most flattering.This pic of the olive colored paperboy shorts and cream top from Ann Taylor is an excellent example of shorts that flatter many figures.

Find the right top with the right details to draw the eye up. For me, I have found a Peplum top with lots of details is a great addition to a pair of shorts. The top pictured here is a good example. Also, add plenty of accessories such as large necklaces, straw hats, sunglasses, summer bags, etc. This again will focus less attention on your legs.

Another interesting look is a more slouchy top paired with a narrow pair of shorts and cute sandals. This can be a look that takes attention off the bottom. Or a stripe top — make sure they are flattering on you — and then a mid-thigh length short. Try it! Don’t forget your hat and large earrings.

Also, don’t underestimate a great pair of heels or wedges for slimming your shape. They do wonders, don’t be afraid to rock a print, a metallic or fun touches such as tassels or colorful trim.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist