Stripes for Everyone!

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas,

June is finally here! I am so glad. If you are like me, you probably have some stripe pieces in your wardrobe. I do love strip — in pants, jeans, blouses, dresses, shoes, purses, you name it! you can mix stripes with other prints or even other stripes–just let one print dominate and the colors should go together–not necessarily match.

How to wear Stripes by your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

A good way to start is a good quality Breton stripe top, either in a cap sleeve or longer sleeve. my favs are cap sleeve–which flatters nearly all women; or the bracelet sleeve, which falls about mid-way between your wrist bone and elbow. Pair this top with so many things–a print pencil, solid or denim skirt; jeans in various colors; or a floral flared skirt. I like the Breton shirts at, JCrew and Nordstrom. Pear shape women should look for boat neck or scoop neck; bigger in the middle and top should look for a deep V-neck. Jewel neck can work for hourglass and straight, no curves figures.

For skirts, the more pattern the better. All of these skirts would go with one of the Bretons I have posted here. Add more colorful coordinating shoes, a hat and fun clutch and sunglasses and you have a sweet summer outfit.

When you look for a skirt with a Breton top, if you are an Hourglass shape, you can virtually choose any skirt, just so it nips in at the waist. If you are bigger on the bottom, look for a less loud print and an A-line or Midi length skirt. Bigger on the top or middle should definitely pick a skirt with some volume to add to their shape such as an A-line or even a maxi.

If you want to add more detail, pile on some fun jewelry such as beads, tassel earrings, giant hoops, bracelets in many colors, a choker, etc.

If you decide you’d like to try an all-over stipe dress, watch the size of the stripes. Sometimes very large width stripes going around your middle or hips can make you look bigger. However, that being said, sometimes small stripes that are closer together do not make you look as big.

Another factor with wearing stripes is make sure that your garment is not skin tight, especially if you want to play down certain parts of your shape. For instance, a bigger on the bottom shape lady might consider a stripe dress that has a solid bottom but strip top. Someone who’s bigger on the top might look for a dark solid color on the top and and stripe or louder print on the bottom where they want to add some width. Try some of these tips as you try them on. You will be surprised at how much a difference it makes.

As for shoes, I would add a fun wedge in a color such as orange, yellow or red; or one of the many super cute denim platform or wedge shoes that are out there right now. I love them. In general, keep in mind, horizontal stripes (that go across) make you look wider; vertical stripes (going up and down) make you look taller and sometimes diagonal stripes do as well — but it’s a case by case basis.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Personal Stylist