Wearing Fall Colors When You’re a Cool

It’s fall, and leaves are actually mostly gone now and we’re reading into winter. I have had a couple of my Indiana Wardrobe Stylist clients ask me: I don’t look good in warm (fall colors) Yes, it’s true.  Most of us do not look “wonderful” in all colors. Finding out your best colors is one of the most vvaluable services I offer.

If you’re interested in learning which season of colors is best for you, then you should try a color analysis. This really helps so many Indiana Wardrobe Stylist clients. Once they find their colors, they just follow the book and do the shopping themselves, and we never meet again. (It’s also just one of my favorite things to do!) My color analysis is $250 and includes a swatch book and how to incorporate makeup in your best colors. Contact me if you want to learn more!

Keepin’ It Cool

I have talked about this before: I have somewhat unusual coloring. My eyes are blue but can look green or even dark blue depending on the makeup and what I wear. They are definitely cool, however. Now my skin tone is another story. It is almost light brown color; it’s very, very warm. That means I do not look good in cool colors that are out there in force: black, grey, white, and even hot pink.  It makes shopping really hard for me. But, fall colors are very flattering on my skin tone. I look great in rust, beige, brown, cream, coral, orange, warm red, and warm blues.

If you have very cool coloring, warm colors are not flattering at all. But some colors you’re just drawn to because they reflect the season and your mood, even if they aren’t your “wow” colors. And that’s ok! You just have to balance them with some of your best colors. Wear unflattering colors on the bottom or in an accessory.

For instance, one of my Indiana Wardrobe Stylist clients is very cool in her coloring: she has clear blue eyes, very pale skin, and hair that is often ash or dark brunette in a cool shade. She loves fall colors, however. Here is what I would do: Wear a bright blue cardigan and rust or warm-colored top underneath. Wear some extra blue or grey eyeliner to help include your makeup in your coloring. Or Wear the bright “wow:” color cardigan or jacket with a neutral top such as white but add a scarf with blue and fall colors in it. I can picture this outfit looking great with some mustard, rust, or brown leggings or pants.

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist’s Best Coloring Advice: Accessorize

Believe it or not, the most interesting outfits have warm and cool colors. All similar colors can be boring. When I recently flew out to Virginia for a 6-day training, I wanted to look chic at the airport and be comfortable. I wore some new black pants with stretch; a leopard print knit top, a brown suede jacket, and the last piece – a bright blue and red scarf. It had a little yellow in it but certainly did not match. My teacher and another student met me at the airport and said: “Wow. Only you would wear this!” This is what it looked like. I bought everything at Von Maur.

A great fall outfit for people with cool coloring - recommended by Indiana Wardrobe Stylist Beth Divine



Another way to add warm colors in your outfits is through accessories. Do this by adding some gold to your silver. Add a bright bag in yellow, brown, warm red, or rust. Brown is a huge color this year, and I find some of my Indiana Wardrobe Stylist clients a little afraid of it. It is a beautiful neutral combined with other colors such as aqua, red, royal blue, and even pink. Looking for some simple accessories that won’t break the bank? Scarves are a great way to incorporate some of the colors you’re lacking. Check out Yangtzestore for some beautiful scarves that can help complete any fall outfit.

An Indiana Wardrobe Stylist Can Help You Find Your “Wow” Colors

Don’t forget to contact me if you’re ready to find your “wow” colors. It’s $250 to find the perfect outfit for every season. If you don’t want to meet in person, all of my services are available digitally too! Once you have your color book, you can sign up for my personal styling. You know what colors look best, now you can shop for beautiful outfits and the perfect pieces to complete your look.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC – Indiana Wardrobe Stylist