Flattering Hair Color Part 2

Two blogs ago, we started to explore the topic of finding the right hair color as we age and our hair starts to grey. While in my first blog I encourage men to show some gray, with ladies, it’s another story. I believe 100 percent that most women who let their hair go completely grey or white and are still in the workplace look older. It’s not fair, but as an Indiana Women’s Stylist, I have to say that it is what it is. Maybe just let some of the grey show but not grow out all of it? If you’re retired or don’t work anymore, you don’t need to worry as much. Please yourself!

To Gray or Not To Gray?

Indiana Women's Stylist debates if women should go gray or notThe other part of hair is that when you go too far from your natural hair color your coloring is very confusing and not in harmony. For instance, I had an Indiana Women’s Stylist client with very bright green/blue eyes and bleached out hair. I had the hardest time figuring out her color analysis. When I first met her, she had light brown hair. I recommended to her to put some of that color back in her hair for more harmony. It helped with her definition while also making her look younger in the process.

A friend of mine is making the journey homemaker to going back to the workforce as a flight attendant. A job she absolutely loved and missed. Somewhere along that journey, she decided to go back to a hair color that was closer to her natural color. The results are in, and they are spectacular! I could not believe the difference! She changed her hair to a  darker color and it made her blue eyes pop!

I understand how we all seem to think that going blonde or just lighter, or even warm when we are meant to be “ash” is the right thing to do. It’s easy. You want to embrace the color change without having to accept the defeat of going gray. But as an Indiana Women’s Stylist, I beg to differ.  Adding darker colors adds contrast and definition that make other colors pop.

With the example of my Flight Attendant friend, with her new dark hair, her skin tone and eyes are now much more visible. Finding the right color hair for you whether it’s brown, red, or even gray is an essential part of knowing your “colors.” These colors need to also match your skin tone.  You can turn heads as a brunette as long as you balance it right. I always explore this with clients. It seems to be a puzzling issue for everyone, and I approach it gingerly.

Indiana Women’s Stylists’ Hair Coloring Advice

Even I have had my struggle with hair color. My skin is very tan and warm; my eyes are cool though in blue, and my hair was really somewhat ash and blonde as a child. That is the color I go for now. My hairstylist and I have found a color we both like: ash with some golden highlights. I am also starting to let some grey show. I like the look, and Phil encouraged me to do this. If your stylist does not discuss what you want or does not seem to be open to change, I suggest you try another stylist. Now you have to remember: your stylist is the expert, and that person may not think your idea is very good. You want someone that will be honest with you, not someone that just ignores your wants.

Another pet peeve of this Indiana Women Stylist is when a hairstylist puts caramel or blonde highlights on a person with very cool coloring such as a Winter or even a Summer. This is the worst you can do to that color of hair, and it throws off their entire look. Believe it or not, having the wrong color hair has an effect on how you look in clothing, too.  Did you ever see or meet someone and thought something was the wrong color or off? Probably it’s the hair color that is too far from the natural color.

Find Your Colors With A Color Analysis from an Indiana Women’s Stylist

If you’d like to have a hair and makeup consult along with your color analysis, I am your person. Out of all of the services I offer, it is the most popular and most impactful. (The package is $250.) Please email me at beth@bethdivinestyle.com or fill out my contact form.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC – Indiana Women’s Stylist