Wardrobe Cleanses Can be Great from your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Hello Fashionistas,

I have been busy lately with closet cleanses. They are very fun to do since I help people clean out their closets, find new outfits from what they have left and shop for new pieces.

I hope you will humor me and not mind me posting this review from Brenda, a recent client. It really sums up why it’s worth hiring an Indianapolis Personal Stylist.

Brenda V.

Wardrobe Consulting

“I hired Beth to renew my closet to a more professional and polished look while hunting for the perfect suit and dresses for interviews. You might ask: “why not just ask the stylists at the store?” Well, it is simple, Beth has extensive training and is truly an artist, with one goal: Make you the best “you” possible. I waste so much money buying things that 1) don’t flatter me 2) wrong color 3) I only know to use with one outfit (and let’s not go into all the shoes you end up buying that don’t fit). This ends now. I feel that this is worth the investment if you are going to be getting long lasting pieces that actually work for you and you can use with many outfits, thus you are saving money in the long run since you are not buying random things you can’t even dress yourself with.

I do not have a flexible schedule, budget, and I have a petite frame which has made shopping a horror story. After talking to Beth she was extremely flexible and accommodating to my needs. I learned so much about color, my frame, and what looks best for my body type. It was really fun to go shopping after she pointed out stores that have my sizes. I found THE perfect suit on the first try! (Believe me, this never happens). All items I purchased were on sale, so she is great at finding you deals if you are on a strict budget.

You must get a closet cleans. This is a key step! Big tip: make sure you start early so that you give yourself time to look for what you need, and this will allow you to take advantage of the big sales. If this isn’t an option for you then tell her immediately what your frame is. She will work with you!

I wish I had met Beth in my 20s so that I could have learned about what works for me. Now that I am in my 30s I am happy that I am finally learning what I should have known about myself years ago. This is an experience every girl (and guy) should have. I highly recommend her services. You will find the experience invaluable.”

Keep it sassy, Indy!

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist