Summer Favs by Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Hello Fashionistas,

Well…I hope you are still enjoying summer. I am. I love the heat, and it has certainly been hot here in the Hoosier state. I have been in the sun and spent some afternoons at the pool…so I have a tan and…dry hair. Yes, dry hair. Perhaps you do, too? Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist to the rescue…Consider the Moroccan oil products. I love the light oil, which I put in my hair after I wash it, and the intense hair mask, which I put in my hair when I am swimming and use it as a general conditioner about once a week. They are so rich and nourishing, you will love how great your hair feels when you use these miracle products.

Another summer favorite of your Indianapolis Personal Stylist…drumroll, please: YSL’s burgundy mascara. It makes your lashes look full and long, and adds some color, but it’s not as dark as black mascara. It is just beautiful and enhances our summer tans. Try it! I like to pair it with rose and pink eyeshadows as well as peach, tan and some blue tones. (Do you ever use your blush as your eye shadows. I do! Just use a little, and it looks great on summer tanned skin as well–remember keep in the crease and at the edges, and make it light. I always like to start eye shadow with a cream or light taupe all-over color.)


Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist