Wearing the Full Top! Advice from Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Let’s face, it…The dress and top with volume are here to stay — especially in Indianapolis. You see them everywhere. Most people can wear them with some edits and smart additions.

As an Indianapolis Personal Stylist, the best reference I have when coordinating an outfit with volume in it is to think about balance. If a top is full on the top, keep the bottom very fitted and streamlined. The reverse is true if you are wearing a gathered or full skirt or a flowy wide-leg pant. The top, in this case, should be very trim and fitted. A fitted crop top works, as does a sleek tank or blouse. If it’s tucked in there shouldn’t be fullness at the waist. Otherwise, the outfit just looks off.

Another aspect to look at is your figure…if volume around the middle or stomach area makes you look heavy, you have to stay from it…or belt it or wear a more fitted version such as a peplum top.

So…a good rule of thumb is…Sleek on the top and more full on the bottom, and volume on the top then speak, fitted on the bottom. That way you can balance most figures.Indianapolis Personal StylistIndianapolis Fashion Stylist