Stylish Workouts!

This blog is Part 2 of my guest blogger’s thoughts and exercise clothing and how to approach your purchase. I think it’s such a timely issue as everyone focuses on the New Year and making new exercise goals, hitting the gym and signing up for spring races, whether it’s a 5K or a marathon!

Do you always wear sunblock?

Rain, snow, sun: always wear sunblock! Try to stay in the shade as much as you can in the summer and wear a hat or visor for extra protection against the sun. I might add that even if you have some fun protection in your makeup, ladies, it’s just not enough. Please don’t skip this part! Case in point: I must have gotten a lot of sun this year since when I had my twice-yearly skin peel from my esthetician, I couldn’t believe all the dead skin she took off and how many spots she removed. (By the way, I highly recommend Danielle at The French Pharmacy Salon in Broad Ripple!)

What fabrics wick best and what do not? What does wick mean? Can you really get a bargain in running clothes?

Moisture-wicking fabrics (sometimes also referred to as “technical” fabrics, since they are a high-tech polyester) help wick sweat away from the skin to help keep you dry; they also help to keep you cooler since the fabric’s texture promotes airflow. For running and other sports try to stay away from cotton fabrics which can hold moisture in (which can both weigh you down and cause chafing!).

You can always find bargains in running clothes! Whether it’s clothes that have a higher price point that you find on sale or even brands that already have a lower price to start, you can certainly find some deals. Always be mindful that sometimes you get what you pay for, but if you see a cute running tank top that fits and you love for $5.99, pick it up!

Other ways to make your style more fun and sophisticated is to add a colorful headband, a warm scarf (for those who run outside in winter), and something as simple as a pretty lip balm. I remember reading in Runner’s World about a marathoner who started wearing red lipstick. It is not her signature style, and I think that’s great.

I also like some unusual items such as running skirts. (Jen always wore these). I am heavier on the bottom, and I thought: oh no. They will make me look huge! Surprise! They don’t.

All runners – take the time to look in the mirror and make sure colors don’t clash and avoid the grab and go “this is all that was a clean trap.” I run four times a week so I certainly understand this attitude.

As with your other wardrobe, the key to style – in any area of life – is having plenty of neutrals that go with tops and accessories. Running bottoms have always been available in black, but now you can find navy, hunter green, plum, and grey. All of these neutral colors go with other neutral tops. (Monochromatic, all one color, is the most slimming.)

One last tip – as a woman who runs outside, I like to wear very bright color tops for safety: bright yellow, coral, orange, green. It’s not really a statement style, I just think it’s easier for drivers to see me!

Keep is sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA
AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist