Travel Must Haves!

I recently came back from a long trip … to Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Berlin, Germany. It had been two years since our last long trip, and this time I decided to share some of my favorite travel items. Only a few are beauty or fashion related!

1. Wisps: Made my Colgate, this tiny toothbrush has peppermint flavor beads on the tiny brush and a tip at the other end that you can use between teeth. Fresh breath guaranteed! Who doesn’t want a clean mouth when you are on a 9-hour flight.

2. Water bottle: Take an empty one and fill it up…either at your hotel’s fitness center water station or your room. You will save lots of cash!

3. Travel size everything: deodorant, face cloths, face cream, perfume samples, etc. Collect them throughout the year and save for your trips.

4. Plane clothing: This sweatshirt-type material wrap coat is just what you need on the plane. Pair it with black knit leggings and another comfortable cotton top underneath.

5. Pillow for the plane: You can buy these at the airport, and you won’t believe how easily you will sleep on the plane. Really!

6. Kindle: Put all your books on this and you won’t have to bring a stack of books.

7. Bring clothes you can throw away. If you have something that you’ll toss soon, bring it on a trip. It will save luggage space.

8. Good raincoat: Get a waterproof one with a hood in a bright color. You won’t be sorry.

9. Use a crossbody bag, not a backpack. Pick Pockets love backpacks…

10. Airborne: I dissolve 2-3 tablets in orange juice or water and drink it each time I get on the plane. I swear it keeps me from getting sick.

11. If you are going to Europe and beyond and plan to use credit or debit cards, make sure your card has the little chip on it (American Express does). We didn’t take a card like this, and we had to constant use cash.


Medicine: if you need over the counter medicine such as Tylenol or Unisom, bring enough for your trip. It’s hard to buy meds abroad, as I found out. Many drug stores are closed on Sunday, and Europe restricts what stores sell medicines. And then the packaging is in another language, too!

Finally: Take a photo of your passports and send them to your gmail. Keep the real passports in your hotel safe. Take copies with you when you are sight seeing!

Consult Trip Advisor for things to do and places to eat, and post your reviews there, later!


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Happy Traveling.