What I’m Loving Now…

It’s fall, and for me that is a difficult time of year! It’s getting cooler, but it’s still not cold enough to wear a winter coat. I have a few fall coats such as a trench coat and a rain coat, but I often don’t want to wear them.

If you feel the same way, I have an answer for you: The olive army jacket. I have owned two, and the one I have now is lightweight and very easy to wash and dry. It goes with everything! Who knew they could be so versatile. I have seen ladies wear them with thin sweaters underneath or plaid shirts, along with tan or brown boots. I have also seen army jackets dressed up with a belt and print skirt and T-shirt for work!

The one is have is from Nordstrom, which I bought last year for $55 or so. There is a really neat one at Macy’s with a hood. I like that, in case the fickle fall weather is rainy or even cold. It’s from Rag and Bone and on sale for $59 right now.

It you are not loving the olive color, search Eddie Bauer’s website which has some other pretty colors in a military jacket such as grey or even deep pink.

Another thing I am loving right now….It’s Mascara Madness at Nordstrom Beauty counters. Buy any two brands of mascara, and get one free. What’s not to like about that??