Indianapolis Fashion Stylist Shares Closet Tips

I, your Indianapolis Fashion Stylist, have been in the image industry for more than 10 years. Much of that time has been spent working with people on finding a wardrobe that hits that sweet spot. That means enough outfits to take them to work, some fun things for the weekend and going out, and plenty of comfy workout clothes and athleisure. Funny though, as an Indianapolis Fashion Stylist, I hardly ever have to encourage anyone to buy new workout clothing. There is always more than enough!

Your Style Mistakes from Your Indianapolis Fashion Stylist

Beyond what people need and want, and aspire to find in their closets, I find there are some common characteristics among people who can benefit from working with an image consultant. So in this post, I am going to talk about what I feel are some commonalities among people who constantly struggle with their wardrobe and their image, in general.

Why Your Wardrobe Often Doesn’t Work:

1 – You don’t spend enough on key items you wear often. While I know not everyone has a vast budget for clothing, there are times when it makes sense to spend a little more than usual on items that you will wear for years. As an Indianapolis Fashion Stylist, I find you should spend money on winter coats, shoes, purses, pants, and jackets that you will wear often. For these items, it’s better to invest in higher quality items that will last for years. Case in point: Four years ago I bought some very expensive shoes in a grey leopard. I still have those shoes and wear them year-round and continue to get comments on them.

Indianapolis Fashion Stylist advice on how to build your closet2 – You buy pieces that don’t go with anything else in your closet. This is probably the number 1 issue people have. Some of us are just “serial” shoppers. It’s a hobby. We are constantly scouring sale racks or buying specials online that seem exciting or fit a need in our wardrobe. Yet, when we put these away, we may find that we don’t have any use for them or we don’t know how to wear them. It is one of the biggest issues I, as an Indianapolis Fashion Stylist, find when I start working with clients. It’s almost as though they need a reset button on how to shop, what to buy, and where to buy it.

3- You are always buying items on sale. Period. I will be honest, I have bought clothing that is on sale. I enjoyed it and knew how to fit it into my wardrobe. As an Indianapolis Fashion Stylist, I don’t think it should be an everyday practice. Why? Sales merchandise is often there for a reason. Maybe it’s an odd color or fit. Many people passed it up. You should, too! Don’t fall into the trap of buying a sales item and then never wearing it. There it stands in your closet, never worn. I call them the “orphans” because there is very, very little the item can be worn with.

4 – You buy clothes online that you don’t like but keep anyway. Buying nearly all of your clothes online is never a good idea. You are passing up amazing potential outfits, colors, shapes, and designs that you could have worn, but never did. You just settled for the easy, select, click, and pay. Don’t get caught in this trap.

If you are still having trouble understanding where your closet may be falling short, reach out to your Indianapolis Fashion Stylist to learn more. During this holiday season, perhaps a Closet Cleanse gift certificate is the best gift to give yourself or a loved one!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC

Image Consultant and Indianapolis Fashion Stylist