Black Bridesmaid and MOB Dresses? Just say no!

Many of you are already knee deep into planning for your summer and fall weddings! And, it is certainly not too soon! As a former wedding makeup artist, and a current Carmel Wardrobe stylist,  (I did the beautiful airbrush makeup), I know a thing or two about weddings and specifically style.

I have been married 23 years soon. It’s so hard to believe! I am still married to the love of my life. When I was planning my wedding, I did not have that much time or knowledge–I had to work fast! Here are some tips to make your wedding a huge success, and a time of joy and love!

  • Pick your battles.Remember you are marrying into this family. You want to start off on a positive note. I am not saying letting new family walk over you, but know when to let something go such as dress style or shoe type that someone wants to wear unless it’s hideous.
  • Be true to your style. How does the dress feel? Can you dance it in, and is it comfortable enough to wear for several hours (unless you are changing into another dress for your reception.) Make sure it’s a flattering color and style — white or cream, style that makes you look amazing. If you are a natural style you are not going to be happy with a huge, ruffled wedding dress. You will want an easy silhouette and pockets!! As your Carmel Image Consultant, I can help you figure out your style. Reach out to me at for your bridal appointment, customized to you.
  • When you pick your wedding dress, shop with one person, not a tribe. This way you can listen to your inner voice about what dress looks great. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your wedding associate what she/he thinks. This person fits wedding dresses all day and knows what silhouette you can really rock!
  • Don’t be swayed by trends: I am hearing that brides are choosing black for their bridesmaid dresses and mothers’ dresses. I feel this is a mistake: black is not a great color for everyone, and remember, people still wear it to funerals. Your event is a time of joy and love — to me, black makes it morbid. I do think black is a great tux color; although so is navy, grey and even hunter green (hot right now for men).
  • Know your best colors. Your bridal dress should flatter you, and that even comes down to your decision to wear cream (a warm color); ecru (a neutral color) or white (a cool color). I wore white as a bride, and actually cream would have been better since I am a true spring.
  • Stay within your budget. If you have a limited budget, consider a non-bridal dress in the color you want. The minute a designer classifies a dress as bridal, the cost goes up. You can buy a white cocktail dress that would be a great wedding dress, and then buy the accessories such as the veil, shoes, jewelry at a bridal store, although that is not really necessary either. The photo above is a white cocktail dress at Nordstrom by Ted Baker — it would make an awesome informal wedding dress. Please, just stay away with black bridesmaid dresses!! Promise, me.

Keep it sassy, Indy!

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC