When It’s Time to Find a New Hair Stylist…

This blog is for everyone — men and gals because we all from time to time hire a professional to cut, style and even color our hair. Ladies often have stylists wax and shape their eyebrows, too. That’s a pretty broad group of people, so that’s why I am writing about this today.

Hair Advice From Your Certified Image Consultant

A couple of months ago I was in Toronto for my color analysis training and update. While I was there it was interesting to see when our teacher would suggest to clients (who had come in to let us practice doing color analysis on them) to change their hair color back to a more “natural” color. As you can imagine, this was not well received. One of the gals had very warm coloring — deep brown eyes and tan skin — yet her hair color was a pretty light, ash blonde. Don’t we all want to be blonde? Anyway, it was suggested to her that she needed to return to her natural hair color. The clients said — no. She didn’t want to do that and couldn’t see the reasoning.

Most of the time I, your Certified Image Consultant, agree, a hair color that more closely matches what you had as a child will be the better choice. While I do have highlighted blonde hair, the color is nearly identical to what I had as a child, an ash blonde with some highlights.

Anyway, what I have found lately with hairstylists is that they want to do what is trendy in hairstyle/color etc., rather than what is better for you. Many of us just go along with this trendiness because, no. 1, we don’t really know what to ask for, and no. 2, we think the stylists always knows more than we do. We see them as professionals.

While I am not saying hairstylists are NOT professional, they are; however, when a stylist constantly does NOT listen to you and what you want, and always steers you toward the trendy cuts and color, I think this is a real mistake.

Has this ever happened to you? Many times in the past, stylists have put an ashy tone on my hair because they think that is the best color, and it’s in style now. However, I don’t like that color, so I always end up finding another stylist. I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to have a conversation with my stylist about what I want, and then I ended up getting something I didn’t want, and a color that actually looked bad.

Certified Image Consultant’s Advice on Men’s Hair

Certified Image Consultant and Hair AdviceGuys, you are a part of this equation, too. If your stylist does not listen to what you want or at least tell you why what you are asking for will not work, it’s time to find a new stylist.

How do you find a good stylist? My method is actually very easy, and it has worked many times for me. When I, your Certified Image Consultant,  am out and about and I see someone with fabulous hair I ask who stylist it – the salon and the stylist’s name. When I meet with that stylist I tell who it was who referred me and why I liked the hairstyle.

A second way to find a stylist is via reviews online; although I have met with stylists who have good reviews who didn’t do an excellent job on my hair.

Good luck!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA

AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist