Putting the Fabulous into Fall!

Fashion Stylist Colors of Fall
Photo by Jake Colvin

Most everyone I know loves fall. We think of Pumpkin Spice Latte, apples (specifically apple pie), caramel corn, and fall in its beautiful colors. Winter, however, is another story. But for today’s blog, let’s talk about fall, and specifically the colors of fall.

Fall Styles From Your Fashion Stylist

I just went to a two-day conference in Toronto about finding your “Wow” colors. I, your Fashion Stylist,  have been asked more than once: what could you possibly talk color about for two days? Now in my past career, I might have asked the same thing. What is the deal about color and how it looks on me?

Really when you think about it, color is actually as important or more important than the specific clothing you wear. Most people choose clothing as cluelessly as I used to do. If I liked it, if the item fit, and looked somewhat flattering, then I bought it. Of course, also what was in the stores heavily influenced my shopping choices as well as budget. This is the way America shops.

Now that I have image consulting training and specific training in the colors that look great on me, the way I shop for myself and others has transformed. In many ways, it’s really profound. Anyway, enough for my soapbox. Color analysis is one of the favorite services I, as your Fashion Stylist, offer: you need it! Contact me for a color consult.

Fashion Stylist’s Colors of Fall

On to fall! The colors of this season are warm, toasty and spicy in different levels. Really, we look to nature for these colors that are in the Warm family: spring and fall. Folks in this range just look fabulous in warmer colors. Their best neutral is not bright write but more of an ecru or cream. More browns than black. The reds, blues, greens and yellow they do wear always are in the warm family.  The metallics they shine in are gold and rose gold: not silver.

I am warm but somewhat lighter since I have golden blonde hair and blue eyes. My main feature as a spring is my brightness and warmness. My wow colors are warm yellow, peach, camel, brown, blues, mint green and navy. The red I wear is not a blue-red but always a warm red. When I put coral on, I instantly look healthy and well-rested.

What is if you are not warm-toned? There are still options. In the fall, you can still wear the darker colors, but you have to stay away from the ultra-warm colors of mustard, rust and orange. These colors will not only not flatter you; they can make you look sallow and even yellow. It’s true! Instead of buying your basics in these warm colors, add touches of fall. Maybe a little rust on a burgundy plaid scarf, a little yellow in a tie or pocket square. It’s also okay to put some warm tones in a purse, messenger bag and of course in some shoes or boots. Just try not to overdo it in the fall tones. Your season is coming up…

Fashion Stylist

Keep it sassy, Indy!

Beth Divine, MA, AICI Certified Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist in Indianapolis