Help! I’m Trying to Lose Weight and Don’t Want to Buy New Clothes

I hear this all the time – and I really do relate since my weight is a battle, too. Someone tells me (friend or client) …I can’t buy any more clothing until I lose weight. I , your Certified Image Consultant, just can’t do it. It’s a waste.

I can relate, really, I can. But, sometimes, the weight just doesn’t come off as soon as we like. Are we stuck with looking drab and plain, and having very little selections?

Advice From YourCertified Image Consultant

Certified Image Consultant ShoppingI say “no” because, along the weight loss journey, you need some incentive that is not food. Believe me, I know. So, here is what I recommend, as a Certified Image Consultant and weight loss recipient…reward yourself with a new style item. It doesn’t have to be a tight-fitting dress or jacket, guys. It can be a new scarf, some fun socks, a pocket square or a fun purse. Accessories can be worn and spice up your wardrobe whether you lose weight that week or not.

Write your weight loss goals and some incentives (rewards) you can give yourself. Now I, your Certified Image Consultant, am not giving you license to go outside your budget and get into severe debt, but I am advising you to be kind to yourself and give yourself rewards.

Flattering Clothing Types from Your Certified Image Consultant

Certified Image Consultant ClosetNext, what type of clothing can you buy now that you can possibly keep/alter for after you lose weight. Clothing with clean and simple lines are much easier to alter than complicated clothing with many additions such as ruffles, flounces, different hemlines, etc. These types of pieces will be very complicated to alter.

Also, stretchy clothing will more likely stretch to fit you when you are larger and as you get smaller still hang in a flattering way. Knit blazers, wrap dresses, simple V-neck tops – they can all work as you lose weight.

Adding belts to a shrinking waistline can help clothing fit as you lose weight.

Where to Start

What you not want to do is keep wearing clothing that is getting baggy as you lose weight …that is not flattering.

Look at your closet and evaluate what you have. You might have to accept the fact that you will never wear that size 6 dress ever again. That’s okay. It might be time to let go and donate it to someone else who can use it.

If you need an objective eye to look at your closet, I can certainly help. I can also help you decide what clothing to wear during this transition time, and what clothing will not work. I often do this type of closet cleanse for clients.

Also, if you are looking at a long weight loss cycle, you will probably need to buy a few pieces to get you through this time. I can help you buy some nice pieces that will be flattering yet not at a high price. If you have several neutrals that you can dress up or down with color accessories it won’t be so obvious that your wardrobe is limited during this time.

Remember to have several pieces in neutral tones. Why? People don’t remember them, and they can be very versatile. Scarves, jewelry, belts and other pieces can completely change your look. Ask your Indianapolis stylist for some help!

Congratulations on working on your weight loss!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine Style, MA,

AICI Certified Image Consultant