Thumbs up for Denim Skirts!

Hints for Denim from your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas,
I have seen one one of my favorites resurfacing in many new styles, denim finishes and designs. There is something for everyone, and it makes me so happy. Yes, it is the return of the denim skirt. I have long been a fan of the denim skirt, but in recent years, have found selections lacking. I have had many: a skinny pencil skirt in a smooth dark, denim that just grazes the knee; the faded, distressed, frayed hem denim skirt; the denim mini; the black denim skirt, the white denim skirt; the printed denim skirt..the list goes on.

Of course, with my figure, a pronounced pear shape, finding just the right shape is always a challenge. For me, the ideal shape is the A-line, but of course that is not my favorite shape of skirt, so I ignore the rules. I will try to find a modified pencil skirt that hits right at the knee. I might pick up a distressed one, too, but will look for those in the more trendy, inexpensive stores such as Maurices, Forever 21 or H&M.

Added this year are some unusual designs such as patchwork, unstructured skirts in different lengths, minis, and my favorite the embroidered ones–many with flowers. Oh how I love flowers. I do, I do!Anthropology has a particularly delicious one I am eying, and I now have that in my closet. I cannot wait to wear it.

For those of you with other figure challenges, there is probably a denim skirt shape that will fit. If you are bigger on the top or in the middle, a straight or A-line pencil skirt with embellishment or even in white with a darker V-neck T-shirt on the top can help balance your shape.

If you are a straight figure, go for a denim skirt with some ruffles, some gathers as well as princess seams. The sky is the limit. Try a crop top with it, too–you will love it.

The hourglass figure can really rock the pencil skirt to the limit. This figure really shows off the waist, and can really wear a crop top as well. Fit is key…this is true really with all the shapes.

If you are dubious about a pencil skirt, consider a denim dress. There are many from which to choose — one of my favorites is the denim shirt dress. I found a really comfortable one at Macy’s in the INC line.

With denim, don’t be afraid to add some color or some neutrals. I like to wear red with denim, or carmel leather shoes or purse. I even like to wear my cowboy boots with denim. I found a super comfy pair when I was in Branson. They are really quite neutral, in a camel or taupe color, but have some really cute hardware in rustic silver hearts.

Wear some of your rustic jewelry in leather, silver, turquoise, etc., with your denim. It’s relaxed and fun.

One more thing — as with your favorite jeans — if your denim piece has stretch in it, be sure and buy it snug. Now I don’t mean so tight you can’t sit down, but it will stretch, and you want it to still fit you nicely. Make you sit down in it in the dressing room. If it’s comfortable, it’s the one!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist