White Blouses Say Summer!

Indianapolis Personal Stylist Summer Tips

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas! It’s winter to summer here in Indiana, and I find myself already reaching for my white, pretty blouses. You will, too, since they are so pretty and versatile. When I say white, I mean bright white, cream, even a yellow-cream color. I am going to classify all of them as white blouses for this blog!!

If you are like me, you go to outdoor concerts such as Symphony on the Prairie or other groups. Sometimes I wear a dress, other times light wash, distressed jeans or a jeans skirt with a white blouse. Here are some of my favorites. I especially like details such as lace, crochet, embroidery, one-shoulder or cold-shoulder, and even pretty, dainty floral prints. Some great brands for these type of tops are Anthropology, Free People, Lauren Jeans and American Rag. For a lower investment piece, check out H&M and Target as well as Marshall’s.

I recently added a tailored, white button-down shirt that is almost tunic style, yet it is fitted. I wear it quite a bit, especially with snug printed cotton pants. It was a surprise to me, since I don’t really consider myself a huge men’s wear fan. Yet it really works, and I will be wearing it this summer.

Indianapolis Personal Stylist Tips for your Shape and Figure

On the shapes and your figure…If you are an athletic shape or bigger on the top or middle, you can really rock the Cold-Shoulder or Halter styles, since most of the time your shape has broader shoulders anyway. Tunic styles, button downs, and deep V-neck styles will really flatter you as well. Make sure the top is not too billowy since that will make you look bigger.Bell sleeves and other unusual touches will flatter you, too. But, as with all advice, don’t just take my word for it–try it on, look in the mirror and make the best decision.

Bigger on the bottom gals should look for details on the top: ruffles, embroidery, a Peplum or Empire waist, a belt. A V-neck will not flatter as much as a scoop neck. Avoid too-large tops, especially around the waist, since they will make you look larger. You can wear the beautiful details such as large sleeves either bell sleeves or puffed sleeves, etc. Cap sleeves will also be very flattering on you since it gives your shoulders some width.

Hourglass and No Curves ladies can wear many white tops. Just make sure — Hourglass girls–that the top is not too big. It needs to be fitted to your curves. Also please make sure it’s not too low. With your va-va-voom curves, too low a neckline may take you to Slut-ville. You don’t want to go there. You can also wear the empire waist and Peplum styles that show your tiny waist.

Finally, No Curves figures can wear big ruffles, big sleeves, big details–according to scale. Make sure they don’t overwhelm you. Go ahead and show your waist–Princess seams and Peplum styles will give you the curves you lack. Your figure also rocks extremely fitted styles in knit–just make sure whatever knit you wear you fill it out.

All shirts are by Freepeople.com.

  1. Top for No Curves Figure
  2. Hourglass and Bigger on the Bottom figures rock this look
  3. This top great for Bigger on the top and Bigger in the Middle figures
  4. Great top for all figure types
  5. Hourglass and No Curves shapes look great in this top
  6. Perfect top for all figures, depending on if the front is fitted on you
  7. Great top for Bigger on the Bottom since it highlights the waist (Peplum)

Have fun with it!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist