Update your Looks with some Fun Jewelry and Shoes!

Pointers about Jewelry & Shoes from your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas,

Wanted to give you another update about some of the jewelry and fashion trends showing up on some of the spring runway shows. Sometimes it’s the little updates we make that freshen our looks for each season. I am sure most of us can’t throw out what we have and then buy all new items, but even the budget conscious among us can buy some jewelry, a belt or purse to make a somewhat tired outfit look new.

I am a big advocate of this. Considering that the big colors for spring are pink and yellow, and blush pink from last year is still very popular there are many little items we can add. For starters, I would consider adding something in yellow for your wardrobe. While many women shy away from this bright hue, a purse, some jewelry or even shoes will go with many of your existing wardrobe. For instance, yellow looks fantastic with bright pink, orange, green, navy and for some, even black. Also consider some bright pink touches such as a purse or even sandals. (Yellow Converse and bag by Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s)

Jewelry advice from your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Now on to the good stuff: the Jewelry. According to Vogue Paris, the top jewelry trends seen on the spring runways were statement necklaces, arm cuffs, art school earrings and raw stones and other trends. The magazine predicts these trends:

  1. Statement necklaces
  2. Art school earrings: Earrings have “futuristic lines,” graphic shapes and innovative use of materials.
  3. Minerals: Jewelry with large, natural stones sometimes in uneven shapes, also in crystals and energy stones
  4. Arm cuffs: Think oversized and unusual
  5. Super fine choker: Just like the ones from last year, but more delicate
  6. Fantasy ear cuffs: Larger and more elements
  7. Fabric Jewelry: See these in chokers and even earrings
  8. Single oversized earrings: The bigger the better, and use one!
  9. Rebel Jewelry: Spikes, large safety pins in cold, pearl etc.
  10. Faux fine jewelry: Similar to the Baroque jewelry pieces of other eras
  11. Eclectic jewelry in ropes, bike chains and even lighters
  12. Creative madness: Jewelry in colors, larger, oversized from new designers
  13. Crucifixes: Big element in jewelry, some adorned and some large

What are some fun places to buy jewelry beyond the typical department store…Personally I like to buy jewelry at Etsy–especially the crafty, distressed jewelry in leather and stones. I find I can buy something really trendy without spending a lot of money. I also like Nordstrom jewelry, since that store is always faster than all others at taking runway trends and putting them in the mass market products in clothing, shoes and jewelry.

Another place I like to use is the Rocksbox subscription box. Each month, the company sends you a box of jewelry based on your profile, wish lists and general requests. You can wear at the pieces and then decide if you want to keep anything. You always get some money off such as $20. Since this is costume jewelry, it’s a nice little discount. I think Rocksbox does a good job of keeping your jewelry current, which is not always easy to do.

For fine jewelry, I like Blue Nile. I have bought diamond earrings from them. It’s very nice quality.

Another great and fun place to buy jewelry, for me, is a local art show. We have some great ones here in Indianapolis–such as the Broad Ripple Art Fair in May, Talbot Street Art Fair in June and Penrod Art Fair in September at the pretty art museum.

Anyway, enjoy your accessories and have fun! Spring is coming!!

Keep it sassy, Indy!

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist