Three Ways Men Can Update Style

Hello Fashionistas,

While much of what I say on my blog is geared to women, I am an Indianapolis Personal Stylist for men as well. I enjoy working with men since they really want advice! In this blog I am suggesting three easy ways men can update their style. It is also a good way for women to “gift” and surprise the men in their lives.

While I grew up as the only girl with three older brothers, I was clueless about men’s style. I was thrilled to take a men’s styling class in New York City that really drilled into us the basics of the way men dress. Basically, men’s clothing is steeped into tradition. Many of the touches on men’s wear is rooted in history. For instance, there is a small pocket on men’s blazers that is small and narrow, seemingly for not any reason at all. Wait — there is…it’s a ticket pocket for when men used to ride trains. It was a handy place to store a train ticket.

It seemed for many years, men’s style choices were geared to the flamboyant or to designers. Most men wore suits to work and gym clothes or Khaki’s on the weekends. Or just guy clothes — flannel shirts, T-shirts, some type of jeans. That has changed, especially in the last 20 years as business casual has become dominant and the rise of better jeans and T-shirts for men. Who would have thought that men would ever buy a “dressy” T-shirt and consider it weekend wear, or stranger yet, as a top at work under a jacket. Stranger things have happened.

So to my Indianapolis Personal Stylist story for men…There are three easy ways for a guy to update his style:

  1. Consider a leather jacket. There are many types out there…and which one you choose depends on your physique. If you are a thin man (most likely an endomorph), look for slim, fitted leather jackets. You don’t want to buy it too big or else it looks like you are wearing your dad’s clothes. For bulkier heavier guys, you will want a more slimming jacket with classic lines. Consider this beautiful Theory Morveck Bomber Jacket, at Saks for $1,000. Or in the middle price range, Or the Perry Ellis Open Bottom Leather Jacket is $289.99 at Macys.
  2. Consider some suede casual shoes or boots. Shoes always continue the vibe of an outfit, or they can literally steal the stage of what you are wearing which can be good or bad! I like casual shoes in suede and in colors such as grey, navy or brown. Consider oxfords, Chelsea boots or the Chukka boots. Take your pick — there are so many options. Just make sure if you wear a belt that your shoes match it or at least in the same color family. Here’s a Chukka boot by Bass. It’s $49 at Steinmart. TheFree Limited navy suede shoes are $225 at
  3. Find a comfortable, dressy or graphic print T-shirt to wear under a leather jacket or work blazer. This option can be a hard sell to guys, but it is an instant update. I like fine cotton T’s in neutrals such as grey, grey marle, black, cream, navy or olive. They can have a V neck, crew or even henley with a contrasting trim. If you are slim, please make sure you fill them out. Muscular guys look great in T’s. Think Mark Wahlberg! This Billy Reid Henley is $88 at Nordstrom. The other graphic print T is by Sean John and is $29.99 at Macys.


Keep it sassy, your Indianapolis Personal Stylist