Glam it up for the Holidays!

Hello Fashionistas,

Wanted to alert you to read my new article in Kit magazine, distributed in Central Indiana at area grocery stores such as Kroger and Marsh. Kit Indy Party Ready. My article is all about taking or purchasing some basic blouses and glaming them up for the office part, holiday gatherings or family dinners. How many times have you thought — what in the world am I going to wear to this or that? I don’t want to look like a Christmas tree, wear a crazy sweater or look like a pole dancer. Anyway, I handpicked these blouses for you — some are very classic with the bow-front, which is very in right now, to something a little more daring such as sheerness and very time fit. As always, it’s important to have a great fit–so important, in fact, I think this is why so many people are befuddled by clothing. They are buying online for the convenience–yes, I get it–but often don’t want to deal with returns. So they keep it, even if it isn’t a great fit or the perfect color. Don’t fall into this trap, fashionistas.

Of course, once you’ve found that great fit, buy online. But just know, sometimes, buyers change what they stock in stores. It’s something like what I experience when I buy running shoes. They are so key, so key in fact I am utterly convinced they help me avoid injury. I am runner who pronates, which means my feet face slight out when I run. It’s not an even strike. I am not a heel striker which is a whole other issue. I have to buy shoes with as much support as possible and cushioning. A couple of times i have been fitted by a running store “expert” only to find the shoes were wrong. I had knee and hip injuries after a 13-mile race. This is very frustrating. I have learned that I need to be the expert on my shoes and totally rely on others who say they know.

I want you to learn to be the expert on your style and bathe best shapes for you. Out of all the things a wardrobe consultant or an Indianpolis Personal Stylist does — this is most key. I don’t proclaim to be a jewelry expert or even a trends expert. What I can help with are the shapes, colors and fabrics that will flatter you Trends come and go — knowing what looks best on your silhouette is a skill that will serve you throughout your life. If you are interested in a holiday gift certificate, please go to this website to read more.

Another Kit article I did last fall talks about the fall jacket: Kit Indy Hello JacketI am totally in love with jackets since they do amazing things for our silhouette and balance. For instance, if you are smaller on the top and bigger on the bottom, adding a jacket with ruffles, buttons, zippers, shoulder pads, etc. immediately brings the eye up and away from area you don’t want to emphasize, It’s amazing. To ready more about jackets and some items you can buy around town, go to