Wear Booties — Avoiding Pitfalls

Hello Fashionistas,

I hope this holiday finds you rested, relaxed or hurrying about to get some Black Friday deals. I haven’t decided whether I will venture the crowds this year. I may. I love shopping at any time, even with it’s crowded. Bring on the Johnny Mathias’s Silver Bells…

Any hoo…I am going to broach a rather sensitive subject here. It’s difficult to even describe since Booties are all the rage and everyone wants to jump on the band wagon and buy them. Don’t get me wrong — I love a bootie and have several in burgundy, brown, black, etc. I try to buy different heel heights since not every bootie looks great with every outfit. Hmmmm, really? Yes, really. I can attest to this since I have a somewhat difficult shape to dress. I am a classic Bigger on the Bottom shape with tiny shoulders, tiny waist, wide hips and full legs. My exercise and running has helped me slim up somewhat, but as we all know we deal with the shape we have, and I’m happy to pass along some of my pain, triumphs and disasters!

Bootie Tips From Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Ok, the booties….There is one characteristic about booties you want to watch. That is the stance of the boot–where the top of the bootie hits on your leg. This season’s booties have a higher stance, and that is good news for ladies with full calves. In a nutshell, these booties are more slimming and don’t cut off the leg and make our legs look like stumps.

For most of us, the goal is to create a long, lean line. The obvious way to do this is with a heel of 1.5 inches or more and if you’re wearing a dress a tight that either matches your dress or the boots. This creates length and slims.

A long, pointy toe on the boot lengthens your look as well. I am particularly pleased with a low-heel, brown suede boot I purchased that has a skinny pointy toe. Even though I lack the heel height, I have the pointy toes with adds interest and lengthens.

Particularly watch wearing booties with low heels and that cut off right at the top of the foot. They cut off your legs and make them look chunky. These booties are great with a rolled up jean or just ankle pants.

For dresses, it’s easiest to wear a chunky heel. Some low-heeled booties do look good with dresses, but it’s a case by case basis. I would say a casual dress will look good with low-heeled booties — a more dressy dress not so much. Try the booties on with dresses when you are purchasing them to see what ones are flattering and which are not. How much they flatter you will depend on your shape, weight and height. Some flatter some ladies but not others …You need to make a judgment call.

I am going to attach photos here of booties I wear with a dress and the exact dress — you can see it’s a casual dress. I do wear grey tights with this dress and the brown booties.

The higher heeled, black booties I can wear with more dresses since they give me height, slim my legs and are a little more dressy. I cannot wear them with all dresses, that is for sure, but they particularly look great with a sweater dress with different colors and textures. I wear black, opaque tights for a slimming and lengthening effect.

One last thing — beware of flat heeled, tall boots. They are great for a casual look with a dress, but the better alternative is always going to be a chunky heel with dresses or even pumps–try some burgundy, pink or blue suede shoes that are so popular now — or even velvet!! These boots, however, are fabulous with jeans as well.

Keep it sassy, Indy,

Beth D, Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist