The Oddballs in Your Closet…

We’re going to continue our discussion about closet cleanout. After you’ve cleaned out the clothing you don’t like and clothing that doesn’t fit, you’re heading for the next step: pulling out clothing you like but don’t know how to wear. You might not wear it for a variety of reasons:

So often times when we have a garment we just don’t like, 9 out of 10 times it’s the wrong color.

Color Advice from Your Personal Stylist

Color advice from your Personal StylistYou think it’s a strange color: Maybe it is! Or maybe you need help in figuring out how to wear it with a new piece I find for you or the basics you already have. When I work with clients, the very first service I like to do a color analysis: I think it is the most important service I offer. Why? Many of us are clueless as to what colors flatter our skin tone,  hair, and eye color. When we don’t know what colors flatter us, we might buy what is in fashion at the moment. This is true for men and women! For instance, this past fall and winter, earth tones and leopard prints have been hot. If you have a warm complexion such as I do, earth tones are very flattering–although I try not to wear too dark a color. I can rock brown, rust, camel, warm red, color, etc. However, if you are a Cool tone and are very fair with cool tones in your hair and skin, you don’t want to wear these warm earthy colors in clothing that is close to your face! You can, however, buy these colors in accessories such as a purse or even pants, as long as you pair with your better colors near your face.

Personal Stylist Advice on Shape

Personal Stylist advice on clothing shape

Another reason we might not like a garment is that it is the wrong shape for our silhouette. That is why a silhouette analysis is always a part of my initial consultation with clients. Case in point, not all jeans look good on all shapes in men and women. Ever tried on a pair of skinny jeans, guys, and hated the way they looked? You probably look better in a straight or boot cut jean. For everyone, we have more fit options than ever before. I, your Personal Stylist, often buy curvy fit, either straight or only a slight skinny leg. Wider legs look good, but they can’t be too wide.

Rise is also key. If you are short-waisted a high-rise jean might be too high. Guys, if you are tall, a mid-rise is too short. Look for rise, fit (tall, petite, slim, curvy, plus) and color when you select pants. If they are a little too long, don’t be afraid to have them altered since we know this is an easy fix.

So I always ask clients to put these items aside since I can often tell you how to wear them or buy a piece that will suddenly make this clothing “come to life.”

The next pile is clothing you love and wear over and over for some reason– comfort, neutral, easy to wear, works with your life, etc. Really think about why you wear these favorites. Our next blog is basics, what we need and how to select them. We will talk about this topic in our next blog.

Keep it sassy,

Beth Divine, MA

AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist