When to Pitch and When to Alter Clothes…

Hello Everyone,

As winter winds down, many people tell me they are looking at their closets and want to clean them out. We might want to make room for spring, or just move out winter clothing. They might want to donate or consign certain pieces but don’t know where to start. Of course, your Indianapolis Men’s and Women’s Personal Stylist is available to help. I love these types of jobs since clients feel so relieved and happy when we’re done — and have a wardrobe and closet that really works for them and their lifestyles.

Closet Advice from Your Personal Stylist

Personal Stylist Closet CleanseIn some ways, those who have a really large closet (maybe as big as a bedroom) can actually be at a disadvantage. Why? You can keep all of it and don’t feel the pressure to clean and organize. I don’t know what that is like since we have a 1937 -built Cape Cod house. It’s cute, and I love it, but I am certainly lacking in closet space.

Closet organization and keeping and pitching clothing is a topic your Indianapolis Personal Stylist thinks is pertinent for men and women! And teens, tweens, etc.

I often tell clients with whom I am going to start working to go to their closest and first pitch clothing they don’t like. Why? It’s not worth altering or working with items you don’t like for some reason. Do that task first. Put it on a pile, and if it’s new and a brand name take it to a consignment store in your neighborhood such as The Toggery, Simply Chic or Clothes Mentor. Guys, The Toggery now takes men’s clothing.

Second, look at your closet and make a pile of clothing that does not fit. If it’s 2 sizes or more too small, give it up. Most likely you won’t wear it again. Let it go, as the song says. If you love the fabric, make a couch pillow out of it.

If it’s too big or doesn’t fit right, keep it. If I work with you, we will decide whether it’s worth altering. For instance, if the garment is too big at the sides, it is a simple fix. However, if the shoulders don’t work or there are significant alternations needed it won’t be worth doing. If you are paying more than $30 in alterations I question whether it’s worth fixing. Stay away from alterations with pleats.

Closet assistance from your Personal StylistHems are easy to fix and really shortening sleeves are easy, too. A side note: ladies, you can push up sleeves on a jacket that is too long by using a rubber band in the folds. It does the trick and is free!

Another alternation that is not worth fixing is proportion. For instance, you are petite, under 5″1″ and less, and you have a jacket made for someone much taller, it’s more than just shortening sleeves and hems. If it is the wrong size and the waist is in the wrong place, etc., don’t bother altering it since it will never look quite right.

Guys, pants hems and simple alterations on a sport coat such as taking in the sides or shortening or lengthening the sleeves are easy alterations to do. However, if you are not happy with the basic structure of the jacket, don’t alter it since the expense will not be worth it. This concept is similar to the petite woman trying to make a Misses size jacket or dress fit–it just doesn’t work.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA

AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist