So Much to Love: Trends for Spring: Women…

Of course, spring trends were already being analyzed last October. Now, many of those items (originals and knock-offs) are hitting the stores.  I am so ready for spring clothes!

Ladies, the menswear look will continue to be hot. According to Harper’s Bazaar mag. The twist I noticed was adding the belt to jackets (a look I love). Make sure to pick jackets and tops that are not so bulky and that are not double-breasted. Otherwise, you’ll add bulk to your look!

Hot Fashion Trends to look forward to this Spring From Your Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist

The Big Collar

Large, angular collars are in. It was most often seen on top of a jacket such as a contrasting jacket color or even a silk shirt (my personal favorite). Not sure you can pull it off?  The size of the collar depends on the scale of you. If you’re petite, I recommend a smaller collar.  If you’re a medium-sized, look for collars that are medium and grand.  The bigger the collar, the more balanced the look. Make sure the collar doesn’t overwhelm you.

Crochet Dresses Crochet tops are in, especially crop tops and bra tops

Crochet is so diverse. You can find it in bright colors or neutral tones. Look out for large or small crochet dresses and evening wear. It’s not your grandma’s crochet. I also saw crochet in home interiors as I toured the Home Showcase at the Indy home show. These dresses are form-fitting and show a little skin in all the right places for a flattering look.

Bra Tops & Crop Tops

Bra tops and crop tops are still here. If you can wear them, great! Pair a crochet bra top with high pants and a large jacket for a less exposed look that will still turn heads.

Hot Pants

Hot pants are back! You can find them in denim, leather, and dressy fabric. Hot pants aren’t just for the beach anymore. Some models wore their hot pants over tights. Find the ones that flatter you the most. I like the ones with cute details and accessories like buttons

Highlighter Colors

Remember the highlighters we used to do homework a long time ago? Those neon colors are hot, and I love them. If you have a spring pallet like me, really bright colors such as neon green, yellow or even blue flatter my skin tone.

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are in! The suit just got a new twist. Wear your shorts with a cute top and matching jacket for a trendy professional look.  Don’t let a hem stop at the heaviest part of your legs. Wear the length of shorts that are most flattering to you!

Polka Dots

This is my season: polka dots are in and hot! I love them. They are in all sizes, colors, and textures. Wear them on shoes, dresses, tops, pants, and evening wear. Classic, casual, flirty, or fun – there isn’t a style that polka dots don’t look good in!

Polka Dot Patterned dresses are in for sping

Tiered Skirts & Ruffled Dresses

Tiers and ruffles are still in. I think everyone can wear them, but need to be honest about which ones. If you are thicker in the middle, you don’t want giant ruffles there. A beautiful ruffled maxi dress could flatter anyone.

Loud Prints

We’re not talking leopard print, think more 60’s and floral wallpaper. Very bohemian and eye-catching. Again, I love prints. Pick the best color and scale for you. If you don’t like dresses, show off your patterns with a silk shirt, scarf, or even a purse.


If you love feathers, you’ll be able to find them on everything from beautiful evening dresses cute tops this Spring. I love them. Make sure you buy good quality garments so the feathers don’t fall off or look cheap.

Leather doesn't need to be black. Look out for leather in a variety of colors this spring


Vests are back! Either as part of a three-piece suit or on their own over a blouse or solo. Pick the right color fit so you can pair it with any shirt in your closet. I really like the pop of color in a vest with two prints. For a complete spring look, wear a vest over a loud print shirt and Bermuda shorts.

Spring Leather

They are BACK! I remember when we honeymooned in Rome, pastel leather coats were everywhere. I especially love the lavender ones. Buy the color that best suits you, and if you’re unsure, contact me, your Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist and ask to get a color analysis to spruce up your closet! Who says leather needs to be solid and black? Leather comes in every color of the rainbow in a variety of patterns and prints. It’s amazing. Also look for leather combined with other textures and fabric such as lace.

Get Spring Styled

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Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine,
MA, AICI CIC, and Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist