Summertime, and the Living is Easy!

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Even if this song title does not apply to you, I am all about making your summertime a little easy. Yes?? Anyway, we have traveled several times already in May and June. I have to admit, even I have trouble packing for trips since my activities can really vary. I might be running on a trail, needing a dress for sightseeing, swim suit and coverup for the pool or beach as well as warm clothes for the airport. I am not sure why airports are always so cold, but for me, they are. I’d like to wear a cute dress or skirt, but I know I will regret it in the end. So…I tend to dress warm in layers.

Travel Tips from Your Certified Image Consultant

Here are some of my travel trips…

  1. Wear your heavy, bulky clothes to the airport. This saves space in your suitcase. I tend to wear my bulky jeans (wear white if you can keep them clean since it’s a summer color); a hoodie in a soft light cotton or even cashmere; a cotton T-shirt; I might even wear my straw hat since they often get squashed in the suitcase or bring a baseball cap which is the hat having its moment.
  2. I also like to bring a travel toothbrush and toothpaste and a small makeup bag with mascara, lipstick and concealer. Use the lipstick as a blush and lip color. (The last time we travelled our flight was cancelled and we drove 3 hours to our final destination. Thank goodness I have the makeup and toothbrush with me. (Although, most hotels will provide toiletries if you ask. Thank goodness, right?)Here is a cute bag from Amazon that’s waterproof: Portable Cosmetic Bag
  3. Always have a toiletries bag packed and ready to go in your suitcase as well as a makeup bag. There was a time I was going to visit my mom every 3-4 weeks for a couple of days. That’s when I started always having a small bag already packed with travel size deodorant; shampoo; hairspray; toothbrush/toothpaste/mouthwash; cell phone chargers; soap if you have sensitive skin; sunscreen; hairbrush; contact lens; extra glasses if you have them; lotion and other necessary items. I also have a permanent travel makeup bag that is quite sparse. I really like to use travel kits of makeup that have blush, foundation/bronzer, eye shadow in a small compact as well as a brush or two. If you can just use concealer and skip the foundation. I even like to take a small Bible since many hotels no longer have them. Then I can read it at night. Here is makeup kit that has many items by Clinique:Clinique Makeup Kit
  4. This is something I always take, and I have had to use it: Make sure you have your email and other passwords with you in case you need to use email remotely or send documents. One of our trips late last year, we were trying to finish buying a house and had to send several documents back to our realtor. I had to access Gmail several times and thankfully had my password.

To conclude this blog, I wanted to mention something interesting I learned on my last trip: Men’s three-piece suits are back!! I saw some men wearing them and had a long discussion in one of the shops I visited.

Also, here is my favorite denim dress from Modcloth: Denim dresses are so popular right now. I love this navy chambray version.


Keep it sassy, Indy.

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Personal Stylist and Certified Image Consultant, AICI