Celebrating the 4th!

Hey people!

Sorry I am so late with this, but even so, I’d like to talk about outfit ideas for July 4th and afterwards. Sure, some guys and gals like to dress traditional in the red, white and blue, and stars and stripes, but there are other ways to look great for your summer plans besides going completely traditional.

The 4th with Your Certified Image Consultant

I often like to wear some white for July 4th, or a pop of red. I like navy, too, especially if I am going to be doing something active such as riding a bike, taking a long walk, or outside sweating at a barbecue!! Dark colors will hide that, so it’s always a go to for me. And, not to mention, navy is always slimming and a pop color for me since I have blue eyes/blonde hair. Navy surprisingly looks great on brunettes as well as red heads. So, indulge, and replace your typical black for some navy.


Anyway, I always like the denim short option, and if you can pull it off, wear the short cut-offs and/or distressed. I often like these shorts with a Boho top of some sort, and it doesn’t have to be sleeveless. Add a sweet floppy hat and some colorful shades, maybe some cat-eye sunglasses in red. I actually have this top: Off the Shoulder Top


Here are some hat options:

Straw Hat

Summer Hat

I love this more traditional July 4 look in a navy/white dress:

Navy and White Dress


Guys, you can incorporate some red, white and blue (just touches) without looking too over the top. White and Blue Stripes

With a blazer: Blue Blazer


Classic look with a button-down shirt: Classic Button Down Shirt


Another simple way to add some patriotic flair is with red either in shoes, bags, hats or jewelry. You don’t even need to put it with blue and white—red is a strong color that speaks for itself. I have a red purse that I could use all year I love it so much and get so many compliments on it. This is a similar bag with a bow; mine does not have that…

Kate Spade Purse


These sneakers already have red, white and blue for guys: Red, White, and Blue Sneakers


Of course, a really easy way to wear red for men are the Nantucket red pants: This option, endorsed by GQ, shows some other colors that look great with the pants: Red Pants

Of course, who doesn’t love a woman in a white dress? Lovely as a summer’s day: I like the comfortable cut of this dress you could pair with neutral sandals and add some red earrings… White Summer Dress

I like these earrings because they are fringy but not over the top; they are by the always tasteful J. Crew: Tassel Earring

Of course, if you haven’t noticed, denim is everywhere this season: dresses, skirts, shirts, etc. I have been on the hunt for the prefect denim dress. I found some cute ones on Amazon and ModCloth (for the more romantic of us!).

Here they are …check them out: Vintage Denim Dress

Love the stripe trim: Denim Dress

Keep it sassy, Indy.


Beth Divine Style

Personal Stylist and Certified Image Consultant, AICI