Summer Pants to Love!

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas,

Even when it’s hot, do you reach for jeans or pants. Some of us do, and especially those of us who work in an office want them. Of course, dresses are always a good option for summer office or casual attire, but sometimes you just want pants.

What pants to wear from your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Many of us have different wants and needs in our pants. Short torsos, long torsos, short and long legs, small waists and larger hips, small hips and larger waists, trying to balance the top and the bottom–whatever your issue, there are always pants out there. I will talk about some of my favorite brands. Try them out, and see what you think.

I love a great ankle pant. I often buy them at The Loft, Ann Taylor, JCrew (regular and Mercantile), H&M and sometimes Talbots. They can be a slimming choice. They can be fun in neutrals and bright colors such as red. How I do love a bright red pant. I wear it with black and cream, grey, navy and white. If I want to look nautical, I will wear and blue/white stripe Breton shirt. More casual — a blue chambray shirt. The last red pants I bought I found at The Loft.  Ankle pants call for a dramatic shoe such as as pump or flat with a pointy toe. This style really shows off shoes.

Linen flared pants are another summer staple that looks chic and comfortable. I like a wider leg hemmed for bare sandals or a wedge. If you are conscious about your bottom half, pick a slim stripe; if not, go for a pretty white linen. Make sure your top is trim to balance the wider bottom.These cropped, stripe pants are a fun take on the look. If you are conscious about your bottom half, buy a darker color. I urge you to try these pants. You will be surprised. I have a similar pair in solid blue that looks great with a slim white top.

Crops or fall length pants in a paperboy top are a cute summer option, too. They can are almost like culottes but not quite. You can dress them up with pumps and a stand-along silky blouse and wear them to the office. If they are black, you can pair them with a black silky, textured top and wear them out at night. Add some sheer sandals for a more evening look and a cute clutch.

Believe it or not, jogger pants that look like sweat pants can be worn to the office or for more casual occasions. Just pair them with a sleek black top and add heels with pointy toes. This look is only for the more confident and stylish women. It’s not for everyone. I do see it out as I shop in the mall though.

Joggers are not a new option, but they can be a great look for some shapes. If you have slim legs and especially if you are tall, I like them in a pretty silk or polyester fabric with a longer, fitted top or for fun, a crop top. If you are bigger on the bottom, you will want to wear them with a fitted longer top to give your shape some balance. When you try them on see if they are flattering. If not, move on to the many more pants looks out there.

Pictured here:

1 – Linen pants from Jessica Simpson,; 2. Red pants from; 3. Paperbag pants from the; 4. Track pants fromWhoWhatWear at; 5. Silk joggers from

Happy pants hunting!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist