Denim is all the Rage!

Hello Indianpolis Fashionistas,

Denim, of course, has never gone out of style. It’s that one staple we all have, even though each season changes it up a little. This year, however, denim is very, very big. The one place I have seen it, unlike before, is in shoes. I have seen in it flats, espadrilles and other sandals. It’s seen more and more in dresses, denim skirts and patchwork jeans and jean crops. Take your pick, there is something for you.

Denim Tips from your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

I really love the denim shoes because they are a neutral. I wear it with red, yellow, white, cream, prints, shorts, denim jeans–blue, white and colors. It’s fun. I especially love this season’s lace-up espadrilles. Find one you love, and rock it! I have already bought some chambray sneakers and some flat, lace-up espadrilles. I cannot wait to wear them. I am also eyeing some dressy, kitten-heel slides with some sparkle for another summer shoe. I just love the casual-ness and the sleekness of the more fancy version of denim. Try it out!

I am a big fan of denim skirts, as I talked about in a recent blog, but I am an even bigger fan of the denim dress–especially for spring and summer. I have a denim shirtdress, pictured here in a sleeveless version, by INC at Macy’s. I love that dress and really wear it several days in a row. I made it different with accessories such as scarves, belts, cowboy foots, colorful flats, vest, etc. It is so comfortable with just a little stretch. If you buy a dress like this, make sure it’s snug because it will stretch. This principal is true as well when you buy jeans–don’t buy them big.

Of course, denim jackets are a staple we all still love. I have found I need three jackets for year round: a dark navy one for fall and darker prints; a short, waist jacket that’s faded for summer dresses; and a third medium rinse jacket I wear with jeans. You really have to look at your outfit to decide what height of jacket you need. You will slowly learn this as you add more denim looks to your outfits. I do like to match saturation to what I am already wearing. For instance, I put very dark prints with a dark denim jacket; medium prints with my medium blue jacket; and finally, light, thin summer prints and weights with my faded light blue jacket. I would also wear the lighter color jacket with my white jeans. I do like to have the different fits from a looser fit, more trucker style jacket, to the short and quite snug jacket for dresses that have a defined waist. These dresses don’t look right with a loose jacket. It’s nice to have these options.

For summer, denim is showing up in many styles of shirts and tops, from strapless to cold shoulder to even sleeveless button-down. I love the lighter chambray color that is almost a neutral–it looks great with colored jeans and prints.

As carefree summer comes upon us, embrace the easygoing denim fabric and the item that will coordinate with what you have, whether it’s a sandal, a pump, a skirt, a jacket, a dress or even a clutch. You will feel relaxed and ready for the season.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Personal Stylist