AICI Conference in Chicago

Certified Image ConsultantHello everyone. This blog is a bit of a departure — I want to share blogs that relate to real life, and right now, beyond working with clients, a chunk of what I am doing is being president of our Association of Image Consultants International Chicago Midwest Chapter and helping to create and promote our upcoming conference. We have a small board, actually from all over the country, and as far west as Dallas, and we work hard to create events for our members. It is a challenge for me, but it is very rewarding to see people use their talents and for all of us to work together toward a big goal — our regional conference in Chicago this April 18-19.

Here’s a video I did for our Facebook page: AICI Midwest Chapter Regional Conference.

We are planning two days of activities and are still finalizing the continuing education hours participants will receive. Yes, all Certified Image Consultants have to earn continuing education to keep their CIC status. It’s really quite a lot we have to maintain, and the reasoning behind having it is that as a professional you need to be knowledgeable and current in your profession. So training for image consultants can be quite extensive. Check out our conference information here and guests are welcome, too: 2020 Education Conference.

Of course, image consultants love nothing more than discovering new shopping places and vendors and even designers. Thus, the night before the event we will be doing a Boutique Crawl to three downtown Chicago stores: We will visit Marcus, the Real, Real and Space 519. The boutiques all have affiliate programs for image consultants to share with us.

Our headline speaker, Elaine Stoltz is one of only 20 Certified Image Master from the Association of Image Consultants International. She is going to share her techniques to help clients look their best by sharing with us her secrets to successful client consultation.  And, we will be meeting in the flagship Macy’s on State Street and be going out to the sales floor to see and do “styling.”

Certified Image Consultant, Beth Divine The second day, we have four more speakers, all experts in the field they work in. Certified Image Professional Jill Bremer, past president of Chicago Midwest,  will talk about “Present Polished Presentations.” She has been refining the image and communication strategies for top executives since 1986. She’s taught presentation skills to thousands and will be sharing tips that will add impact to our presentations, including our content, delivery skills, and visual aids. “Finding Flattering Frames” is Jill Dellert-Herbert, AICI CIP’s topic. She is both a certified optician and an image consultant and applies her fashion background and more than 25 years of optical training to teach us the art of selecting flattering and functional eyewear for our clients.

Our third speaker is talking about one of the most important aspects of personal styling: how garments fit. Speaker Sharon Czachor is an author, award-winning designer and faculty member at College of DuPage and Harper College, with a technical specialty in fitting difficult bodies. Her topic is “It isn’t Fashion if it Doesn’t Fit.” This is a topic I am really looking forward to hearing since it often comes up in client work.

Finally, most image consultants are also small business owners. Jane Hamill of the Fashion Brain Academy will talk about the topic, “Virtual, Viral & Very Profitable.” She coaches designers and other fashion professionals in taking “Imperfect Action” to get organized, get going and get more business. A former designer and boutique owner, Jane now magnifies her impact by teaching fashion professionals of all kinds how to reach more prospects, sell more products and services and make more money!

You can see the depth and reach of our conference. If you are in the style or image industry, a small business owner or retail associate, you will benefit from this conference. Go to our website for pricing and to register! 

Keep it sassy, Indy,

Beth Divine, MA,

Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist