Organizing Your Home to Improve Your Personal Style…Part 2

In our last blog, we talked about whether our personal style colors. What we wear and the best colors that complement ourselves showing up in our home decor. I think it does, but I don’t think we are even aware we are doing it. Color is an internal aspect of our lives. It definitely has an effect on our mood. Some people, however, love more neutral, moody and muted colors. Others like bright, bold colors as I do. Neither one is right or wrong, it’s just our preference.

When styling your home, look beyond the color, furniture style, and home accents, and instead, think about if your home organizational techniques help you accomplish your Personal Styling goals. I had to really think about this one, so I think this topic deserves a blog.

How An Organized Home Can Reflect Your Personal Styling

Having mirrors in your house will make it easy to reflect on your personal styling for the dayWhat do I mean? Do you have the tools handy and ready as you get dressed in the morning? Even if you work at home or perhaps do not work at all and don’t go to an office, you will need to think about your appearance and Personal Styling. The easiest way and most in-you-face way to do that is to have a full-length mirror in your bedroom or near your closet. Then, you can look at your total look, head to toe. Make sure you have enough lighting so you can truly inspect what you see.

I have an oval mirror near my jewelry box. I recommend this as well since you see the close-up look at the jewelry you have on. I also like it for those delicate, sometimes hard-to-see clasps for necklaces or earring backs.

I have mirrors in all of our bathrooms. They come in handy as I wash my face at night, apply moisturizer, and put on makeup in the morning. If you have a lit magnified mirror that is even better! I also like to organize my makeup together in one basket and my cleansing tools in another basket in my bathroom.

I also keep an extra toothbrush and toothpaste in my first-floor bathroom, just in case I am in a hurry and then run in there and brush my teeth before I go out the door.

Keeping cleaning products in my shower is a great way to move fast and have all the essentials within arms reach. My weekly scrub cream and my lotion with a pump are located nearby so I can quickly use it when my skin is still damp once I am out of the shower.

Are your other tools needed for cleaning and pressing clothing in a convenient place? Your iron, your steamer, and a rack where you can hang clothing should be easy to get and easy to use. Don’t forget your lint brush!

Another mirror that was already in my house was a sweet little mirror in the hall closet. I love it and often use it as I put on my hat and coat. Take one last look at your overall Personal Styling and make sure its on-brand for you.

Organizing clothes by color will help with your personal styling

When you look at the closet, whether it is large or small, ask yourself: does it work for me? I like to pare down my clothing quite often, and I have a neighborhood store where I like to consign my clothing. I also donate clothing to Goodwill in my area. Your closet is easier to use if clothing is hung up, arranged by clothing type and color. What I really like about this type of organization is that I can see very early on if I am over buying a certain color (a common Personal Styling mistake!) You would not believe how often I do that!

During this month, when you have some extra time, look at your home organization and add the tools you need so you can get dressed quickly and efficiently each day. You and your house will both look and feel organized.


Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA

AICI Certified Image Consultant & Personal Styling