New Year, New You!

As a style and Image Consultant, I am often brought into people’s lives during a point of change: it might be the first job, going back to work after a lapse, trying to improve appearance or just dress better to help secure a promotion. Sometimes, it can be more personal such as a divorce, widowhood or a life change such as retirement. In all these times, our clothes and appearance say something about us.

Image ConsultantThere is not a doubt in my mind that the clothing we wear is our “walking billboard.” And our appearance such as grooming, hairstyle, makeup, etc, speaks just as loudly. What does your appearance say about you? Sad, late, too busy, dated, trying too hard or not trying at all?

Recommendations from Your Image Consultant

It’s funny that when I do a company presentation I always start with the basics, and that means not your clothing, but your hygiene. Talking to an employee about grooming is probably the most dreaded thing a supervisor has to do. Not to mention the possible legal ramifications. Anyway, I can certainly have that employee talk to you. I, your Image Consultant,  do it in a professional and non-personal way via a checklist. Then it seems the person is just one of many people I work with on these issues — I am not targeting just one person.

Beyond hygiene, the next big issue is how we take care of our clothing. Are they wrinkled, dirty, worn out, and ill-fitting? These issues can make even more expensive, high-quality clothing look cheaper. These issues are important, too. I often mention this is a Dress for Success presentation since I can’t assume everyone knows how to care for clothing, etc.

Beyond these basics are also skincare. This is a basic way before putting on makeup for women and even cologne for men. It pertains to skincare. Do you wash your face at night –men, too (according to your Indianapolis Men’s Personal Stylist). Do you exfoliate your skin once or twice a week to remove dead skin? Do you moisturize your skin at night before bed and in the morning with some SPF for sun protection. These principles are for everyone. While I will always recommend department store products first for skincare, everything from Lance, Kiehl’s and Clinique to Channel, there is some good drug store busy as well – Cetaphil is one. Dove men’s products are nice too.

Image ConsultantDon’t stop at just your face for skincare. Moisturize your arms, legs, elbows, and feet with lotion the minute you get out of the shower — this locks in moisture. Buy the products for your skin type such as extra dry or normal, etc. Also, don’t neglect your hand lotion. Ever shake hands with someone only to think — did I just shake hands with a reptile? Their skin was so dry and scaly — it was just creepy.

Apply hand lotion all day and before bed. Don’t forget the lip balm, too. Don’t be known as someone with dry and cracked lips.

These are the basics to self-care. These facts will help you begin the very basics of a great personal image and pleasant look.

Happy New Year…

Keep it Sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA
AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist