Styling Your Home …Does it Overlap with Personal Style?

Hello Fashionistas! For some reason, in December, I look around at my home and think about ways to make it more attractive and appealing. It may seem strange, but I focus so much on Personal Styling and brand, I don’t give much thought to how my house looks. It is what it is! However, as I decorate for the holidays I do tend to think about it more.

We drag out the holiday decorations, and like my closet, I pare them down. If something looks worn, hopelessly old, I toss it. I don’t, however, toss out Christmas ornaments and cherished gifts, even if they have tarnished since they have a special meaning. For instance, believe it or not, I still have a little elf my first-grade teacher from North Liberty Elementary School, Mrs. Mobley, gave me for Christmas. It was such a sweet gesture, and I sometimes think of her when I hang it. Sometimes I see an ornament that brings back a less than happy feeling — such as an ornament from my brother’s first wife. It says 1976!! That’s a long time ago. It’s still a nice ornament, and we’ve all moved on since then. It still goes on the tree.

A Bright Picture In My Home That Reflects My Personal Styling

Making Your Home Reflect Your Personal Styling

Beyond the holidays, when you look at your home and consider your Personal Styling, I do think there is a connection. What colors we like, what colors we wear and what colors look good on us, in part are internal to us. I have always loved spring and summer and bright, happy colors. Dark, moody colors and neutrals are not my favorite. Similarly, when I had my “Wow Colors” analyzed, I was a spring. This did not surprise me. I do not look great in black, but I look great in navy. In my home, what colors do you think I showcase? You guessed it: bright yellow and green. My living room and dining rooms are shades of a warm yellow, and I recovered my two living room couches in a bright yellow-green.

I had some accent colors in that room such as turquoise and lime green. I ended up added some red to it since I had a large print with a red and green bouquet. the splash of red really adds so much to the room. I like the pale blue in the room, too, since it emphasizes the cream-colored furniture.

As you would expect, my curtains are a bright, pale color that a spring would like: white sheers, and pale blue sheers within my yellow dining room. All the prints in our house are really of places we’ve traveled to. One of my favorites is a Greek temple from Israel of all places. It was a terrific sunny day, I photographed just the curved top of the beautiful building, and I love the late afternoon sun’s shadow over it. It is a great way to remember a trip and addpersonality to our home.

We have another print I actually love: it’s a watercolor I had an artist paint many years ago of our family farm and the creek where we used to swim. I smile whenever I see it.

That’s why I am a firm believer of having personal art in your home, rather than all decorative pieces from a store. It makes a home a home. Personal Styling in your home is a reflection of your personality and gives your house guests an opportunity to learn about who you are.

Part 2 is next week.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA

AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Styling