Wearing Beige and and how to Avoid Other Style Mistakes

We’re been going over some of Clinton Kelly’s style mistakes and how to avoid them. I have to agree with him on this one: nobody looks good in beige (well almost no one). Light neutrals such as khaki can make you look drab, sallow and lifeless. When you wear color near your face you are “establishing a relationship with your face and the color.” Wearing beige near your face — probably about the same color as your face — actually highlights any flaws in your face such as broken capillaries around your nose, some sunspots on your forehead, etc. One exception: darker skin provides a contrast to beige — s0 it may be a better color for you.

The same principal goes for lipstick, ladies. Beige — Nude makeup…it’s not your friend. It only flatters a 20 year old with perfect bone structure. Most women, especially as they age, need color on their face and that means on their lips, too. One-two shades darker than your natural lip color is perfect.

More style tips From Your Indianapolis Fashion Stylist…

51. Flip Flops 52. Midsection cling 53. Bad brows 54. Underfilled cups (bra) 55. Pastel pink  56. Attacked by animal print 57. Camel Toe  58. The “I Give Up” dress. 59. Dated hair 60. Polar Fleece 61. Any sort of belly-baring shirt when you have stretch marks 62. Old-school polyester 63. Head-to-toe trend ho 64. Sweatshirts and their evil cousins, hoodies 65. Mustaches 66. Tents (dresses) 67. Droopy shoulders 68. The Lame Little Black Dress 69. Scrunchies  70. Pleated khaki cuffed shorts 71. Distressed denim 72. Shine OD (Shine, head to toe? No.) 73. It’s vintage 74. Roots

Keep it classy, Indy!

B. Divine, Indianapolis Fashion Stylist