Spring has sprung!

I first posted this in spring, but I thought we could all enjoy some colors — that we can wear now in the summer!

Nordstrom has some beautiful floral prints and just color in general. I love the cotton lady dresses, the abstract boxy shape dresses too. It’s all so pretty. What I like about a print is that it’s slenderizing…much more so than a solid. Prints don’t have a single focal point in around an outfit.

When you wear a print, consider this: Your body shape and height determine what print looks better on you. If you’re petite, so for smaller prints. That way, the print won’t “wear” you. If you are medium size, wear medium to smaller prints, and if you’re taller…larger prints can work.

The Limited store has some really pretty light blue, navy, yellow and green pieces …pants and jackets and blouses as well as dresses. These colors — the right shade — can be worn by all of us! Go for a monochromatic look to create a taller, and slender image.

Pink seems to be really big this year…so it you like it, buy something in this pretty color — even if it’s just a purse.

Have fun with spring clothes!

Beth Divine, Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist