How to Make Hips Look Smaller??

Readers, this are the last tips from Clinton Kelly.

I wanted to start out by focusing on one tip that is really interesting. It is the “covering your **** bum with an invisibility cloak.” I relate to this tip because I am bigger on the bottom. I’d certainly like to cover my problem areas; but covering up your behind with a sweatshirt, just doesn’t cut it. Clinton Kelly says the best way to camouflage your rear end is to use the “divide and conquer” technique. Look for tops that hit at the widest part of the hip. If you emphasize only half of your hip and cover it halfway, you reduce its emphasis by half and keep the leg nice and long. This video is a really good tutorial on how to dress to make your hips look less wide:

75. Gloopy mascara 76. Stirrup pants 77. Peek-a-boo, I see your boobies. 78. Tiny logo bags. 79. Tucking 80. Visible Pin jobs 81. The Boca sandal (white, low, square-heeled sandal) 82. All solids, all the time 83. Pubescent style 84. Jackets that don’t button 85. The nubbin in the boat (space around the front crotch 86. Baggy Butt 87. Matching jewelry 88. Platform Flip-Flops 89. Pilling 90. Misguided belts 91. Bad posture 92. Stains 93. Kooky embroidery 94. Calf-length skirts 95. Mini-anything over a certain age 96. Covering your bum with an invisibility cloak 97. Mall jewelry 98. Black pants and white shirts 99. Opting Out..

That’s it… hope you’ve learned a lot.

Keep it classy, Indy…

B. Divine, Your Indianapolis Fashion Stylist