Springs Trends for 2018

Personal Stylist Spring Trends to Look for and Embrace

If you are looking at my blog to see the latest trends and everything that’s in the stores, you will be disappointed. I am not that kind of stylist. I am more of a lifestyle Personal Stylist, and while I do know what’s out there and won’t hesitate to pull clothing that pushes you out of your comfort zone, I am not the end all on trends.

Why this focus? Trends come and go, but knowing what looks good on you and what fits your style is eternal. Am I right?

It’s really hard sometimes to figure out what fits you and who you are. There are many reasons for this:

  1. Other people have always dressed you and family members still buy you clothes.
  2. Who you are has changed so much, you don’t even recognize yourself: weight loss, major lifestyle change, formal to casual workplace dress code
  3. You’ve never known your style or what looks good on you. Help me!

How Can a Personal Stylist Help?


Believe it or not so many people fit one of these categories. I especially learn this as I do closet cleanses. As your Personal Stylist, I do a detailed meeting discussing client’s likes, dislikes, loves and fashion goals. Then I go over the closet, and nine times out of ten, the closet doesn’t reflect anything we’ve talked about. That is the problem: dissonance. (Yes, a word from my psychology college classes). Who we are on the outside does not match who we are now on the inside.

Don’t worry…It’s easily corrected. Anyway, if you need help cleaning out your closet—yes, it’s cathartic—ask me to help you. It’s one of the favorite things I do for people because the sense of relief in their eyes! It’s just as good as therapy.

Anyway, on to the rest of the blog. So, I did want to share with you some trends I have been reading about from the fashion guru—Vogue. Yes, the company that has many of the fashion shows every year.

Spring 2018 Trends from Your Personal Stylist…

Trend 1: Disco Redux
Shiny sequins are in. Oh joy! How I love shine and shimmer. Take me there, Vogue!
One-Two Punch:
Clothing with more than one element: camisoles and sweatshirts, trousers with jeans. Vogue calls them hybrids!
Bustiers: They were seen all over the runways, and they are pretty and feminine and… not just for Westerns…
People Prints: There will be many versions of the “people” prints on denim, tanks and dresses. See your famous celebrities on other people’s clothing – or on your own.
Flowers, please: Combining different floral motifs is hot!
Color, please: Designers are using many colors of the rainbow in their designs. Why just one?
Knit and Pearl, oh my: Clingy knits are sexy and in pastel colors demure at the same time!
Suit up: The blazer is still in full force. Not necessarily a suit, but wear it with jeans and sneakers and in many others ways. Glen plaid is big for spring.

Keep It Fresh,

Beth Divine

Personal Stylist

Source: The Top 10 Trends of Spring by Vogue’s Steff Yotka