My Favorite Fashion Items for Men!

In this blog, I am talking about some of my favorite “things” for men’s fashion.

Indianapolis Men’s Stylist Tips

No 1: Slim Fitted Jeans

The dark, skinny or straight jean. Every man, no matter his age, should own a dark rinse jean. It will be one of the most popular pieces you will wear for many reasons. We no longer wear formal clothing to work—most of us. So this jean is an upgrade from your casual “Saturday” clothing, and can be dressed up with other pieces. Favorite stores for this: JCrew; Banana Republic; Gap (for harder to find sizes); Nordstorm and Macy’s. Make sure you wash these jeans inside out and only dry them 5 minute and hang them to dry. If they wrinkle, use a steamer to get the wrinkles out.

Here are some favorites:

Nordstrom Slim Fit Jeans

Joe Brixton Slim Fit Jeans

Macys Stretch Slim Fit Jeans

No. 2: Bomber Jacket 

The Bomber jacket: in leather, olive cotton or other fabrics. The Bomber is really a staple now. It looks great on most men—except for a very big build. Make sure it fits and is not too large. Wear the bomber with jeans or even with semi-dressy khaki or chinos. Add a fitted T shirt or a sleek button-down and more casual shoes such as dress sneakers, brown oxfords or even the Chelsea boot.

Favorites here:

Alfani Men’s Bomber Jacket

No. 3: Fitted Dress Shirts

The button-down shirt that’s fitted. With the variety of cuts out there, make sure you find the shirt that truly fits your build. Don’t be afraid to spend some money on it, and make sure you avoid the “color” trap of bright orange, dull beige, etc. Buy a more neutral color such as light blue, light yellow, white or stripe or small print. Most of the time you will want a button down collar, as that is less formal. The dressed-up cousin is the dress shirt with the pointed collar. This is more for suits. Brooks Brothers has three different cuts; Macy’s and other stores now have slim fit along with classic. Try them on and then you will know what works.

Favorites here:

Brooks Brothers Dress Shirt

Macys Dress Shirt

Indianapolis Men's Stylist Bomber JacketNo. 4: Fitted Leather Jacket

The fitted leather jacket. Even though some guys tell me they are “not a leather jacket type” guy, I think it depends on the color. Of course, black is more edgy, but brown or even tan is another color that works for many men. Buy a good quality one, and wear it with jeans, chinos and even dress pants such as black jacket and grey pants.

Favorites here:

Suede Bomber Jacket

Men’s Leather Jacket

No. 5: Men’s Chelsea Boot

The Chelsea boot is another one of my favorites. It is a classic look and a great addition to jeans, chinos, even less formal suits. Black or brown, they are a different touch that will set you apart from the average guy out there.

Favorites here:

Nordstrom Men’s Boot

Nordstrom Dr. Martens


Keep it sassy, Indy.

More favorites next time.

Beth Divine,

Indianapolis Men’s Stylist