Stylish Coats for Men!

Indianapolis Men's Stylist JacketsThis blog will talk about some basic updates all men can make to their wardrobe – not depending on their style.

I, your Indianapolis Men’s Stylist, do believe most men truly do not like to stand out – they like to blend in. They don’t want the bright red pants or the  bright lilac shirt. However, I do know there are some men who are not classic and want the more fashion or “tough” cooler look. I get it! I work with all kinds of individuals, and that is the great fun of it all.

Indianapolis Men’s Stylist Tips

Today, I am speaking to the average guy out there. You’re not terribly flashy, but you want to look current, not like you’re trying too hard and at times elegant. I have to say, I have to frame my tips within the current way everyone dresses now. We don’t need a whole closet of Brooks Brothers suits. We don’t need 100 ties or several top coats. A few of these we do still need.

Even though we are slowing transitioning to the spring season, we will continue to have some cold days in Indiana. That’s why I am going to recommend some practical coats and jackets. Why? A well-tailored jacket immediately upgrades any ensemble – including jeans. It makes an outfit. You can have jeans from WalMart, but put a beautifully fitted jacket and T on top, and there you have it. You’re put together, but you’re not trying too hard.

 Indianapolis Men’s Stylist Coat Suggestions

I went on Polyvore for some inspiration, and here’s what I recommend. It’s nothing really earth shattering, but some twists on some basics that are out there now. What I like…

Leather jacket, slim and fitted: If you are a leather jacket guy or aspire to be, pick a leather jacket that is fitted and slim. Wear T shirt underneath or a subtle dark shirt that is also fitted. I emphasize fitted because I don’t want you to pick the big, boxy leather jackets of old. Keep it current. Even if you are a big guy, a fitted jacket will be slenderizing. If you think black leather is too “street” pick a camel or brown color.

Bomber: This jacket is still out there and very popular. I was shopping last week with a young man under 30, and one of the basics we picked was an olive-color Bomber jacket. It’s a neutral that goes with so much: blue jeans, black pants, khaki, navy, white and even grey. I also like Bombers in bright colors such as red, prints or the athletic Varsity version.

Blazer: The old standby is still a good option for most men. I am not talking about a suit jacket; I am talking about a sport coat, blazer that is a separate. Pick a neutral color in navy, beige, black, olive in fabrics such as wool, 100 percent cotton. Try a check or even a window-pane plaid. Wear it with dark or light jeans, the new-popular version of Chinos or dress pants in dark grey, navy or black.

Pea coat: They are so sharp, especially when you pick the best quality you can afford in 100 percent wool or cashmere, and in a deep, rich color: navy, black, camelhair beige and tweeds. Pair it with a cashmere or 100 percent wool scarf in a subtle pattern.

Keep it sassy,

Beth Divine

Indianapolis Men’s Stylist