Spring Trends

Spring Trends from your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Hello, fashionistas! It’s another pretty day here in Indy, and I hope you can find some time to enjoy it. With some warm temps, if you are like me, you think spring’s on its way! I hope so. With spring, in my mind, comes the launch of some new, more summery fashions, and all of the new clothing in the stores. To help you wade through what’s new, what’s best for you, I am going to be discussing trends in the next few blogs. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

Keep in my mind my rule about trends: don’t feel as though you need to embrace them all. We all look better in certain silhouettes and colors, so keep that in mind. If you honestly don’t know your best colors or style, book a style consult with me, and I will show you! It does make a difference. For instance: I am a blue-eyes blonde with olive skin (blame it on my Swedish father and Welsh/Irish mother.) With this coloring, I can wear all of the light summer hues such as mint green, light blue, pink, royal blue, red, navy, olive, teal green etc. Since I also have warm tones to my skin, I can also wear orange, coral, orange-red, brown and even a warm yellow. My very best colors in the world are navy and teal green. Find your best colors!! It is nearly the most important part of knowing how to shop and buy.

Indianapolis Personal Stylist: Pink is in!

Anyway, one of the first trends we will be seeing this spring is pink: all shades, from the pale, nearly beige version to a bright fuchsia pink. I love them all. The best part is that nearly everyone can wear a great shade of pink.

You might even consider adding some pink or coral to your home decor. I added touches of it to my light green office, my living room with rust-colored couches and even to my black/white and pale yellow sun room. It’s an amazing accent color.

What does pink go with? I like to pair it with white, navy, green, yellow and grey. I am not a fan of pink and black, although some people like it. You can even rock a monochromatic outfit with different shades of pink, from pale to vibrant.

If you like prints, especially since prints are very slimming, consider buying some fun summer designs from Lilly Pulitzer and even Vineyard Vines. I have had my eye on our new Vineyard Vine store, and all the clothes they offer. Although I don’t wear the crisp, tailored clothing that I used to, I do like some of what this store offers in stripes, prints and shirts.

I especially like Lilly’s maxi dresses and knit dresses. They are made of high quality cottons, and the silk is beautiful and so summery.

If pink is too girly for you, why not add some pop of color in your sneakers, jewelry or even a pink purse which is surprisingly neutral and goes with so much.


Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist