Men’s Style: Layering

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This blog, is for guys, although some of the principles can apply to women as well. We all like to layer. Women like to layer scarves, and for the most part do the “choke and hold” look that I hate. Never completely bury your neck with scarves. Don’t be afraid to show a little skin. Now, advice for men…

The best way to show you how to layer, guys, is to tell you how not to do it. Fortunately, Steve Bannon gave a great example of how not to do it: never put more than one button-up shirt on top of the other…period. Here are two examples from the CPAC that recently televised. I have also included a funny pic from the Friends TV now. (Source: Esquire magazine)

Men’s Styling: Tips on Layering

The easiest way to layer is to use thinner layers and build upon them. This only works, however, if your layers are trim and fitted. For instance a grey, black or color such as red (dressy) T-shirt is always a good basic to layer upon. Keep it thin. It can be a V or round neck T-shirt, can be short or long sleeve. To make it more fun, wear a novelty T that you like (for casual Saturdays). My husband’s favorite T-shirt is an olive green T we bought in a special store in the Village from The Great Lebowski movie: it says “I don’t roll on Sabbath.”

Next, add a button down that coordinates, and button most of it, but show the T-shirt. No you are not done yet — I don’t like wearing a button down as a jacket, commonly known as a “Shacket.” The shirt should be fitted and can be tucked in or out. Last, add a sports jacket, a cardigan sweater that zips halfway or leave it open. Or can you add a sweater vest or V-neck sweater on top of just the T-shirt or on the T and shirt, etc. Again coordinating colors — don’t have to match. Add some slim black or navy jeans or some distressed jeans if your shirt/T have more of the casual vibe. Add more casual shoes such as Chukka’s or Chelsea boots. Again, more casual looks can go with a dressy sneaker such as black vans or Vivian Westwood shoes.

If it’s cold out, add a nice pea coat in navy or black. Or just add a nice, neutral sport coat. Love the pea coat — they never go out of style and always look good. If you like denim jackets, add that too, or an olive military jacket (great for casual looks).

General principles: it’s really easy to mix and layer neutrals. These colors are camel, navy, black, grey, burgundy, olive, cream and burgundy. They are all really easy to put together. When you add pop of color — you don’t have to do so– make sure it goes with it all. Avoid laying two primary colors together such as red and yellow, especially red and bright green, etc. Now you can break this rule, but do it knowingly and with more summer outfits.

Men’s Stylist: Tips on Shoes

Shoes are really key to your outfit. If it’s casual, stick to Chukka, dressy sneakers (not white or running shoes) or boots such as Chelsea boots. Pick a casual shoe with texture such as suede or detail such as contrast stitching or a little color. If your look is more dressy, pick a nice Oxford in brown, Oxblood (burgundy) or even black. Make sure your leather has a nice, shiny sheen. (Shoes pictured, first, Clarks Chukka from Amazon, and black sneakers from Macy’s.)

Keep is sassy,
Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist