More Style Mistakes and Wearing Cropped Pants

I am going to step on some toes here…the picture I’ve featured is the beloved Capri pant. Sorry ladies — most women who wear Capri pants don’t look good in them. If you’re short, chunky, average height with short legs, bigger on the bottom, very tall, bigger in the belly — Capri pants aren’t going to do you any favors. I have one client who looks great in Capri pants — she is average height and carries most of her weight in the top half of her body. She needs to balance her figure by making her lower half look more full. Most of us don’t have that luxury. These shorter pants cut us off and make us look shorter.

Anyway, I think we often see Capri pants as a more conservative option to shorts. Or they are so cute and come in so many colors. How many stores have you walked into lately and seen racks of Capri pants right at the front — in great summer colors. Just walk on by..Consider trying the Bermuda shorts (hit above the knee) or full-length pants in a summer fabric such as linen or cotton. They look modest, too, and probably look better on you.

Anyway…more tips from Clinton Kelly on how to avoid style mistakes…

26. The Monica shoe (Remember the clunky shoe from the Friends show?)  27. Too-long sleeves 28. Condiment colors (Ketchup Red or Mustard Yellow) 29. Wet hair ponytail 30. The Whale tail 31. Holiday sweaters 32. Too much cleavage at work 33. Cross-Trainers (white tennis shoes) 34. Frayed hems 35. Matchy-matchy outfits 36. Red lipstick (unless you’re Marilyn Monroe) 37. Dropped crotch 38. Beige 39. Frizz (curl cream tames that) 40. Horizontal strips 41. Slut shoes 42. Gap in the back 43. Fidgeting 44 .Giveaway and slogan T-shirts (unless you’re doing housework in the privacy of your home) 45. Outdated patterns 46. Double bubble: Your cups runneth over 47. Cropped pants 48. Porn mouth (too much lipstick, etc. ) 49. Frosted hair 50. Visible panty line

Beth Divine, Your Indianapolis Fashion Stylist